Your safety is important, which is why all Campus Security staff work to ensure that everyone on each campus can enjoy a safe and secure environment. Just some of the services we provide include offering important safety tips, around-the-clock protection and Palmer Alert, an emergency notification system that notifies all students and employees of emergencies through telephone calls, voicemail messages, text messages and email messages.

Davenport, Iowa, Campus numbers to know

  • Emergencies:  

Palmer Campus Security will contact the proper emergency services and ensure their emergency responders are directed to where help is needed. 

  • Non-emergencies:
    • (563) 884-5555 or 5555 from a campus phone 
    • Davenport Police at (563) 326-7979

Campus Security: West Hall, Rooms W104 and W109

Campus phones

Campus phones can be found throughout the campus. To contact Campus Security from one of them, phone 5555.

Campus phone locations:
  • West Hall
    • Lower Level, across from W10 
    • 1st floor, next to W129 
    • 2nd floor, out side W217 and across from elevator 
    • 3rd floor, outside W315 and across from elevator 
  • Memorial Hall
    • Lower level, at bottom of stairs 
    • 2nd floor, outside M202 
  • Academic Health Center (AHC)
    • Lower level, by east elevator 
    • 1st floor, by east elevator and in Welcome Center 
    • 2nd floor, across from Room 212 and by stairs S2.2 
  • P-Halls
    • by stairs to Campus Health Center

You may also reach Campus Security from any staff or faculty phone by calling 5555.

San Jose, Calif., Campus numbers to know

  • Emergencies:
    • 6 a.m.-3:30 p.m.: (408) 944-6147 or 6147 from a campus phone
    • After 4 p.m.: (408) 286-5880
    • 911 or 8-911 from a campus phone
  • Non-emergencies:
    • 6 a.m.-3:30 p.m.: (408) 944-6147 or 6147 from a campus phone
    • After 4 p.m.: (408) 286-5880
    • San Jose Police Department: (408) 277-8900

6 a.m.-3:30 p.m.: Facilities; After 4 p.m.: South Entrance; After hours: (408) 286-5880

Campus phones

Campus phones allow you to contact Campus Security directly by dialing the proper extension. To call an outside number, press 8 first, then press the rest of your number.

Campus phone locations: 

  • Front lobby
  • 2nd Floor elevator
  • Student Lounge, Room 221

Port Orange, Fla., Campus numbers to know

  • Emergencies:
    • Operational hours: (386) 763-2777 or 2777 from a campus phone
    • After hours: (800) 227-9805
    • 911 or 8-911
    • Code Blue phone 
  • Non-emergencies:
    • (386) 763-2777 or 2777 from a campus phone
    • Port Orange Police: (386) 566-4578

Campus Security: Building 2, Lobby