The Adopt-A-Class program helps Palmer students learn what it takes to be a successful doctor of chiropractic by developing meaningful relationships with field doctors. By supporting the chiropractic educational process through role modeling, Adopt-A-Class offers students a first-hand resource for learning the best ways of maintaining a practice.

Please address any questions regarding the Adopt-A-Class program to the Alumni Office via e-mail or call (800) 722-2586, Ext. 3.

General Guidelines for the Adopt-A-Class Program

  • An Adopt-A-Class Team should meet with its class a minimum of two times during the calendar year. We can arrange for one classroom exposure during each trimester or quarter. Meetings or social gatherings outside of the classroom may occur as many times as you and the class desire. Please contact us at least three weeks prior to your intended visit so we can schedule your visit.
  • You are encouraged to attend and, perhaps provide assistance for the major events of classes as follows:
    1. Half-way party
    2. Graduation Ceremony and Social Functions
  • It is expected that you will make yourself available to the class officers for consultation and direction. You may indicate the guidelines under which this communication occurs.
  • As students progress through the educational program at Palmer, the input from the Alumni Adopt-A-Class team can generally be thought of as occurring in three broad phases:
    1. Initially, the student needs information concerning what a doctor of chiropractic is and is not. While they need chiropractic philosophy throughout the program, it is very important that they get this exposure initially from the alumni.
    2. As education progresses they become interested in the practice of chiropractic, particularly as they enter the clinical sciences portion of the curriculum and prepare for their clinic service in the Palmer Chiropractic Clinics.
    3. In the last year of their education, they become increasingly concerned with experiences in the field as a new practitioner and how to set up a practice.