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How do I contact the library?

What is custom Document Delivery?

Document Delivery from Palmer Health Sciences Library is the delivery of requested photocopied journal articles from the holdings of Palmer Davenport Library.

What are the Document Delivery service fees?

The Document Delivery service fee for Palmer Alumni is $12.00 per article plus applicable Publisher Royalty fees.

  • Publisher Royalty fees range from $3.00to $70.00 (or more) per article.
  • Article requests may be placed by phone (563) 884-5641, fax (563) 884-5897, e-mail, or postal mail.
  • Requests are postal mailed the next working day.
  • Rush delivery via fax is an additional charge of $1.00 per page.

What are reference services?

Reference Services from Palmer Health Sciences Library faculty is both instructional and informational assistance.

  • Library faculty will both assist and instruct Palmer Alumni with identifying and finding needed resources for either clinical, research, or personal use.
  • Library faculty will also assist and instruct Palmer Alumni on effective and economical retrieval of needed resources.

What are Reference Services fees?

On-site Reference Servicesare free.

For more information, please contact the campus closest to you:

  • Davenport, Iowa, Campus: (563) 884-5896
  • Port Orange, Fla., Campus: (386) 763-2670
  • San Jose, Calif., Campus: (408) 944-6140

What are Literature Search Services?

Literature Search Services from Palmer Health Sciences Library faculty is a consulting service for subject specific computerized database searches using both the free and licensed database resources in the Library.

  • Literature searches can be performed on a variety of chiropractic, related health discipline, or business topics.
  • Library faculty will also instruct Palmer Alumni on both the scope and most economical use of both free (e.g., the Index to Chiropractic Literature, or PUBMED) and licensed (e.g., MANTIS or Elsevier) databases.

What are Literature Search Service Fees?

  • Literature Search fees for Palmer Alumni are $25.00 per topic.
  • Requests are e-mailed immediately, if available in an online database. If not, requests are forwarded by postal mailthe next working day.
  • Faxing: Sending is $1.00 per page; receiving is free.
  • Please visit our Literature Search page for further details.

Can all Palmer Alumni check out items?

Palmer alumni living within a 50-mile driving radius of Palmer Health Sciences Library are eligible to check-out materials with appropriate identification.

  • Checkout length is two (2) weeks
  • One (1)renewal per item is allowed (for an additional 2 weeks)