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Low Back Conditions from Diagnosis to Management,
Tracey Littrell, D.C., DACBR, DACO

This course will detail the most common and significant causes of low back pain. Emphasis will be placed on the clinical presentations, distinguishing clinical features, physical, orthopedic, and neurological examination procedures, radiographic and specialized imaging findings, and case management options.

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Nov. 21

Whole Person Cancer Care,
Jeff Sklar, D.C.

This presentation focuses on having chiropractors working in a hospital setting and more specifically with cancer patients. There is a discussionof the history of chiropractic being included national healthcare; with studies presented regarding the efficacy of chiropractic care when compared to other forms of musculoskeletal treatments. Furthermore, the course presents the challenges that cancer patients face regarding the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy and how chiropractic can be utiliazed to alleviate theseside effects, offering patients more energy, less pain, less drug-drug interaction and an overall better functioningneuro-musculoskeletal system.

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Feb. 20

Dependent Adult and Child Abuse,
Michelle Barber, D.C.

The goal of this course is to increase the knowledge and awareness of dependent adult abuse and child abuse. The course has a special emphasis on the role of chiropractors as mandated reporters. At the conclusion the participant should be able to: demonstrate an awareness of the existence of dependent adult and child abuse, define abuse situations and the concepts that will assist in identifying abuse and understand the responsibilities and duties of mandatory reporters. 

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Mar. 20

Brain-based Strategies and Chronic Pain,
Mike Powell, D.C.

This course will look at what is actually happening in tissue, nerve, spinal cord and most specifically in the brain when a person experiences pain that won't go away. Dr. Powell specializes in helping patients with complex conditions. Over half of his patients are referred from other physicians and therapists; pain that has not responded to multiple forms of care is a common reason for referral. He will share the background information, diagnostic gems and brain based strategies for helping some of your most challenging cases.

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Apr. 17

Professional Boundaries (2 hours) and Iowa Laws and Rules (1 hour),
Anna Allen, R.N., M.S.N., C.L.N.C.

Thisthree hour course will cover sexual misconduct, ethical implications, risk management, professional and patient relationships, as well as, an overview of Iowa Chapters 43 and 45.

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June 19

Evidence-based Orthopedic Exams and Clinical Prediction Rules That Can Benefit Clinical Diagnosis,
Chris Roecker, D.C., MS, FACO

Information gained during this seminar is intended to save clinicians time and assist with clinical decision-making. This program provides an introduction to understanding diagnostic accuracy and will overview useful clinical prediction rules and physical exam procedures for practicing chiropractors.

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