The Palmer Student Ambassadors are a select group of highly motivated future chiropractic business professionals. As student representatives of the Palmer Center for Business Development (PCBD), the ambassadors serve as liaisons to current and prospective Palmer students, the community, Palmer faculty, staff and alumni, as well as business professionals.

Each ambassador is expected to be a significant contributor to the future development of the PCBD as well as the well-being and development of Palmer students as they prepare to become members of the professional chiropractic community. Through their positive attitudes and relationship-building skills, the Palmer Student Ambassadors are the epitome of chiropractic leadership.


  • Complete a minimum of 4 hours per month of PCBD work-related projects
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Attend designated events
  • Complete a series of Business Modules through the PCBD

Membership Benefits

  • Gain experience in public relations (meeting people, public speaking, representing the College)
  • Be part of a dynamic, highly visible, customer service oriented organization
  • Work with and learn from business professionals in marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Broaden contacts among faculty, staff, students, administration and business professionals
  • Possible travel opportunities to events with PCBD staff
  • Letters of recommendation for potential job opportunities
  • This is a work-study position


The Business Center is now taking applications from students who will be in 2nd trimester in March.  The application process includes filling out a form, writing an essay, and providing a letter of recommendation. Interviews will take place after the application deadline of March 27. A link to the application form is included below.

Application for the Student Ambassador Program. 

Student Ambassadors

Brandon Cooley 

Brandon Cooley email: 

My name is Brandon Cooley and I am from Adrian, Mich. I have been under chiropractic care since the age of 13. I started going to a chiropractor after experiencing consistent headaches. I experienced great results and have received care ever since. I feel that theCenter for Business Developmentgives me the opportunity to gain essential knowledge on how to run a small business sothat I can render chiropractic care for many years to come.

Justin Thompson 

Justin Thompson email: 

My name is Justin Thompson. I chose to study chiropractic because as a chiropractor you get to see lives change. Chiropractic has an amazing philosophy of working with the body to heal the patient. I hope to be a great chiropractor and a great businessman. Through theCenter for Business DevelopmentI have learned how to be a better doctor and entrepreneur. I know that by takingadvantage of the great opportunity we have through thePCBDwe can improve the name ofchiropractic world wide.

Abby Sirovica 

Abby Sirovica email: 

Hello, my name is Abby Sirovica. Chiropractic for me embodies the definition of "health" along with patient-based care. I love the fact that I will be able to wake up each morning making a difference in people's lives doing something I love. For me, being a part of the PalmerCenter for Business Developmentis an invaluable experience for us as students. ThePCBDallows us tolearn how to be successful as a business, ultimately allowing us to successfully help and changepeople's lives. After graduation I plan on practicing in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Erik Brace 

Erik Brace 

Hello, my name is Erik Brace. I choose chiropractic because I want to change the world and make it a better place using my own two hands. What I found hopeful about theCenter for Business Developmentis that it gives you a great opportunity to meet with other futurechiropractors and learn about different business ideas. After I graduate from Palmer my plan is to move back to my hometown, Livonia, Mich., and open my own practice.

Brookley Pavnica 

Brookley Pavnica email: 

My name is Brookley Pavnica. For me, chiropractic is a profession of service and dedication to the community and to the patients that we, as doctors, will work to heal. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University. TheCenter for Business Developmentfacilitates development of skills critical to integrating ourselves into the communities where we practice.It is a unique opportunity to learn how to transfer the healing skills that we learn into a successful business concept. After graduation, I plan on working with military service members and veterans, and ultimately ending up with a practice in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Rob Harward 

Rob Harward email: 

My name is Rob Harward. Chiropractic has impacted my family and myself deeply and I am excited to be a Palmer student! I am fortunate to also be involved with the business center with all its resources that will help me and my fellow students achieve and our goals as chiropractors and become great at our business. After I graduate, I will open up my own practice and educate many people on healthy living and improving their quality of life.

Corey Harrington 

Corey Harrington email: 

My name is Corey Harrington and I am from Raleigh, NC. I chose to enter the chiropractic profession because I believe in natural, conservative care as a first option. Like other health professionals, chiropractic physicians have to balance their role as both a clinician and a businessman. In other words, the physician must be skilled in their art to help patients, but to ensure the delivery of these treatments they must also possess a minimum competency in the science of business. The Palmer Center for Business Development provides students with an opportunity to enrich their educational experience by gaining these additional skills.

Judd Gines 

Judd Gines email: 

My name is Judd Gines. As a young man my father taught me to be where I was supposed to be, when I was supposed to be there, doing what I was supposed to be doing. I have total conviction that being a part of Palmer College at this time in my life, is fulfilling my father's admonition. As I strive to become the best doctor I can be, I feel it essential to become a knowledgeable business leader. The Center for Business Development is giving me the tools needed to build a successful practice focused on touching and improving the lives of those I will have the pleasure to serve.

Paul Kite 

Paul Kite email: