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The Palmer Campus Guides are leaders in the student community who represent the Philosophy, Science, and Art of Chiropractic. With a passion for the advancement of Palmer College of Chiropractic, we unite with one professional voice to perpetuate the ideals of Palmer College and Chiropractic. We seek to be welcoming mentors to prospective students by sharing our knowledge and understanding of Chiropractic, Palmer College, and their rich history in an honest and sincere manner, and by conducting a campus tour that is an informative, interesting, and entertaining view into the Palmer College experience.

Get to know the Palmer Campus Guides below!


Davenport Campus - Anton Keller
Anton Keller
Born in Iowa City, Iowa, while his father attended Palmer, Anton is the oldest of seven children. He grew up in the beautiful Silver Valley of North Idaho, but graduated from Liberty Union High School in Baltimore, Ohio, in 2004 after his family moved back to the area where his parents grew up. Anton holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science with a minor in chemistry from Brigham Young University-Idaho. He also spent two years as a full-time proselytizing missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Long Beach, Calif., and married his wife, Breanna, in 2010. Anton’s varied work experiences over the years taught him that his dream job was yet to come, and his Palmer education is preparing him to pursue it.

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Davenport Campus - Jaclyn Andrews
Jaclyn Andrews
Jaclyn Andrews grew up in Greensburg, Penn., a suburb of Pittsburgh. She graduated from Washington & Jefferson College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French. Although her background technically is not in science, Jaclyn has been interested in human anatomy from a young age and is following in the footsteps of her sister, who is also a Palmer graduate. Her love of chiropractic has its foundations in the benefits she has witnessed while working in her sister’s chiropractic clinic as well as the relief it has brought her. She hopes to create an awareness of the benefits of chiropractic and to provide optimal care for her community in the future. In her spare time, Jaclyn enjoys swimming, traveling, watching movies, spending time with friends and family, and of course watching the Steelers and Penguins.

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Davenport Campus - Hannah Jo Anderson
Hannah Jo Anderson
Raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Hannah Jo graduated from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, where she earned a bachelor of arts in biology. At Luther she met her husband, Alex, and found that her experience in the school’s state-of-the-art cadaver lab set fire to her love for human anatomy. Through spending several summers assisting at a chiropractic and wellness clinic in eastern Iowa, Hannah realized that chiropractic is an effective and essential component of holistic health care. Through chiropractic, she hopes to improve the lives of others by creating an awareness of the personal responsibility each person has for his or her state of being.

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Rachel Byroads
Rachel grew up near Bryan, Ohio. She attended Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Biblical Studies. She planned to study physical therapy, but after shadowing different therapists she did not want follow this path. After traveling and taking a few more courses, she returned to Ohio and worked as a facilitator at different high schools and also as a science teacher at a school designed for students on the autism spectrum. After a few more years, she recognized her dream to work in the medical field and chiropractic came to mind. She decided to attend Palmer because of the philosophy and research upholding chiropractic. She anticipates teaching the relevancy of chiropractic to future patients. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, worship dancing and playing with her dog, Hope.

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Kailey Cox
Kailey grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. After high school, Kailey moved to Bemidji, Minnesota to play Division I women’s hockey and attend school. While in Bemidji, it was difficult for Kailey to play both collegiate hockey and golf while pursuing a major in exercise science, but ended up finding her passion for health and fitness and took a role as the assistant strength and conditioning coach her senior year. Being an athlete and working in the health and fitness field facing injuries and rehabilitation constantly, made her passionate about improving the health and quality of life for others. Having a mom as a physiotherapist, Kailey didn’t have a lot of familiarity with chiropractic growing up, but recent experiences with it were positive and she felt it matched her goals. Kailey spends her free time with her dog Sota, a 2 year old Siberian husky, going on runs or bike rides, golfing or taking in local sporting events. 

"I love how chiropractic promotes preventative care and living and overall healthy, active lifestyle and giving the body a chance to heal itself," says Kailey. 

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Kelsey Eischeid
Kelsey grew up on a farm in western Iowa. She majored in Biology at Iowa State University. She came to Palmer College of Chiropractic for the opportunity to learn how to improve peoples’ lives by providing an alternative non-invasive form of health care. Kelsey experienced the benefits of chiropractic first hand with various sports injuries in high school.

"Chiropractic searches for the root of the problem and fixes it, rather than treating the symptoms. I am very passionate about chiropractic and the numerous benefits it has to offer."

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Davenport Campus - Brian Hall
Brian R. Hall
Brian Hall was born and raised in Bay City, Mich., where nearly all of his family still lives. During high school, he met the love of his life, Rachelle, and they are getting married in June 2014. He attended the University of Michigan, receiving a degree in biology and a minor in philosophy. He decided to go into chiropractic for numerous reasons, ranging from the positive effects it had on his athletic performance to the increased quality of life for family members with chronic diseases. Brian loves spending time being active playing sports and particularly loves marathon running and mountain biking. Also, he is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing and camping with family and friends. He plans to return to Michigan to practice after graduating from Palmer.

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Hilary Hart
Hilary grew up in the small town of Manitowaning, Ontario, Canada with my parents, sister, brother and dogs. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 2013, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Science in Health & Disease, with minors in Physiology and Psychology. Although growing up in a health centric family, she will be the first Doctor of Chiropractic in her immediate and extended family. Her grandparents have been very influential in her decision to pursue this career, as they are very active and healthy in their later years thanks to the benefits of chiropractic. Once Hilary completes her degree, she wants to pursue a diplomat in Rehabilitation, preferably through the Palmer Rehabilitation Residency. Hilary is active in various clubs and enjoys cycling along the river, wishing she could take her cat for walks and she enjoys a good game of football or hockey.

It would be a privilege to be able to help people, young and old, live life to its fullest, and through chiropractic I can achieve this. Everyday spent here, I learn something that makes me fall further in love with this profession, and I cannot wait to share that love with the rest of the world, wherever I should go.

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Davenport Campus - Jennifer Katzer
Jennifer L. Katzer
Jennifer L. Katzer is elated to be pursuing the path of chiropractic. Her journey to chiropractic began on farm, where her parents taught her and her younger brother the value of working hard and having respect for themselves and others. “These values were my foundation as I pursued sports and academics in high school, where I also met my best friend, who later would become my husband, Nathan,” says Jennifer. After high school, she played collegiate volleyball and earned an A.S. in biotechnology from Ellsworth Community College (Iowa Falls, Iowa) and a B.S. in psychology from Iowa State University (Ames, Iowa). Jennifer has worked as a microbiology technician, a clinical researcher, a nurse aid in a geriatric rehabilitation unit, and a cancer researcher. She decided to pursue a career in chiropractic after her mother introduced her to a chiropractor in Southern Iowa. Of the experience, she says, “I immediately knew this was the kind of doctor I wanted to become, and was ready to begin my career at Palmer.” Jennifer lives in Orion, Ill., with her husband, Nathan, and their son, Gavin.

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Grant Larie
Grant was born and raised in the ‘sawdust city’ of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Grant earned his Associate of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley and his Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Biology from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. As a young man with numerous career opportunities to explore, he found clarity upon visiting Palmer College. It was here, at the fountainhead of Chiropractic, that everything seemed to fit together. In addition to his studies, Grant serves his community and parish in volunteer based activities. He is also involved with numerous scholastic, technique, music and sporting clubs.

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Davenport Campus - Samuel O'Tool
Samuel O'Tool
Samuel O’Tool grew up in Carroll, Iowa, and he received his first chiropractic adjustment before he was a month old. “Our family chiropractor could fix any and every health problem,” says Sam. “Just like our family chiropractor, I want to be able to care for the health needs of people so that they can have a better standard of health.” Sam grew up with eight siblings, and he was dual-enrolled through high school—meaning that his mother taught him at home, while he also took classes and played sports at Carroll High School. He attended Des Moines Area Community College before coming to Palmer. For Sam, “it is the opportunity of caring for people by helping them maintain their health, while still having the ability to spend time with my family, that really continues to draw me to chiropractic.”

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Davenport Campus - Brooke Peters
Brooke Peters
Brooke was born and raised in Green Bay, Wis. (Go, Pack, Go!) She earned her B.S. in Communication Studies from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse. Soon after graduation she moved to Boulder, Colo., where she now calls home. Here she enjoyed mountain biking, camping, snowboarding, hiking “fourteeners” and many other outdoor pursuits that the “Mile High” state has to offer. For the past nine years she has worked as a marketing manager for a major software company. Although she was finding success in her career, she couldn’t shake the feeling that marketing wasn’t her calling. She had always had the desire to help people, but it wasn’t until she visited her best friend, a student at Palmer, that she realized her calling was to be a chiropractor. When she’s not on campus, you can find her on the local mountain bike trails, camping, spending time with family and friends, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers.

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Davenport Campus - Afua Adjei-Kwayisi
Afua Adjei-Kwayisi
Born in Ghana, Africa, Afua came from a health science oriented family with her dad being a professor in microbiology and her mother, a nurse midwife. Educational achievement was something Afua strived for and in 2005, entered medical school. While in medical school, Afua found herself interested in neurology and after four years, graduated and became a medical officer in Ghana. Soon after her graduation, Afua’s husband introduced her to chiropractic and she found an increasing interest in the field. She believed there was finally an efficient and less invasive type of health care she could use in achieving holistic care to her patients in Ghana. After doing much research, Afua found her true calling in health care and has enjoyed every minute of her education at Palmer College.

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Davenport Campus - Dylan Clarke
Dylan Clarke
Dylan was born in Olathe, KS. "The curriculum is tough, but the people around you are in the trenches beside you and everyone lends a hand. I also wanted a school that was going to give me the best philosophy to build upon the foundation I already have."

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Davenport Campus - Kyle Collins
Kyle Collins
Kyle grew up in Ludington, MI, a beautiful town on the west side of the state right near Lake Michigan. He had an older brother, sister, grandfather, several cousins and aunts and uncles with whom he could play sports, swim and enjoy the outdoors with. Their influence on his life propelled his desire to be athletic, work hard in school and respect all people. He attended Saginaw Valley State University, receiving his Bachelor’s of Business Administration Degree with minors in Youth Services and Athletic Coaching. Kyle has lived in New Orleans and Europe working in various sales positions, but was never satisfied by the work and found Chiropractic as a means to fulfill his desire of helping people be healthy. He recently married his best friend (June 2013), a foreign-exchange student from Denmark who stole his heart. She is studying to be an MD and they are hopeful of changing their small slice of the world together someday.

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Davenport Campus - Brad Francis
Brad Francis
Brad was born and raised in the small town of Marine City, Michigan. During his studies in high school, he became fascinated with the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Never having been exposed to chiropractic, he attended Hillsdale College as a pre-medical student where he went on to receive a B.S. in Psychology with minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish. After being convinced by a family friend to job shadow a chiropractor, Brad was introduced to the ideal healthcare career he had been looking for and never knew existed. From there on, he continues to talk, think, and live chiropractic day in and day out. He takes a keen interest in chiropractic philosophy and its relationship with the allopathic model of healthcare, his former career path. Brad enjoys playing basketball and tennis, and loves passing the time with any activity as long as he is with good friends. After graduation, he plans to return to Michigan to practice and help spread the chiropractic message to others.

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Davenport Campus - Ashley Hooper
Ashley Hooper
Born in Griffith, Indiana, Ashley chose Palmer because "it is second to no other school in preparing students to become the best possible Doctors of Chiropractic that they can be. Most of all, I love the people who are here. I have yet to find someone who is not willing to help you in any way they can."

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Davenport Campus - Allie Nisbett
Allie Nisbett
Allie grew up in Wheaton, IL with her parents and three siblings. Growing up, she was an avid student and focused pianist. When first starting college, she knew that she desired a career in which she could build relationships with people and help them. She took classes in music therapy, psychology, and physiology before finding that chiropractic was her calling. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and a minor in music. Her work experience includes being a piano teacher, vocal accompanist and research assistant for both the psychology department and the Musician’s Wellness Team at MSU. She is excited to be at Palmer College of Chiropractic, learning the knowledge and skills that will allow her to carry out her passion for helping others through chiropractic. Allie lives with her cats Hogarth and Hugo, and in her free time she enjoys playing piano, knitting, reading and yoga.

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Davenport Campus - Shane Preece
Shane Preece
Born in South Jordan, Utah, Shane chose Palmer because "all other schools compare themselves to this institution. Palmer is the best and has no need to compare."

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Davenport Campus - Jessica Richards
Jessica Richards
Jessica grew up in Wisconsin with her parents, sister, brother and very spoiled dog. She is very proud of being from Wisconsin, making her a huge Packer fan. So, it was quite a perk to move to Green Bay while attending St. Norbert College for undergraduate studies. While at St. Norbert she received an undergraduate degree in a Biology and Environmental Science with Spanish minor. Jessica did not grow up going to a chiropractor. But, as soon as she was introduced to the profession she fell in love with the holistic approach that chiropractic can improve overall health. She is extremely proud and excited to be attending Palmer and becoming a part of the chiropractic profession.

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Davenport Campus - Alec Schielke
Alec Schielke
Alec grew up in the quaint Wisconsin town of Sheboygan Falls. From there, he went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Biology, Pre-Health Emphasis from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. Throughout the years he has been conscious of the wonders of the human anatomy and has seen the detrimental effects of the allopathic systems. Being drawn to a more preventative and holistic form of healthcare, he now finds himself at the fountainhead of chiropractic. Outside of the classroom, Alec keeps himself busy with academic, technique and sporting clubs, as well as many community involvements with music and athletics.

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Davenport Campus - Brittany Sedar
Brittany Sedar
Brittany is originally from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. She studied at University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a concentration in biology. Her studies led her to explore various professions in the health field, but was still undecided about her future. After her mom’s suggestion, she met with a chiropractor who was recommended by a family friend. After the first visit, Brittany knew she was meant to be a chiropractor and spent over a year shadowing the doctor. She will always be thankful to her mentor for introducing her to such an amazing profession. Brittany is so excited to continue this journey towards becoming a chiropractor, and is constantly pleased with her decision to attend Palmer. When not studying you can find Brittany with a good book, on a walk, at a concert, out to dinner with friends or spending time with her family.

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Davenport Campus - Bethany Vankirk
Bethany Vankirk
Bethany was born and raised in a small town just East of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a Health Fitness Specialist Certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. Her mom always taught her to "love what you do; and to make a difference in people’s lives while you do it." With this being engraved in Bethany, she knew that chiropractic was the path for her. Outside of chiropractic, Bethany enjoys spending time with family and friends, dancing, golfing and traveling. 

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West Campus - Brian Banman
Brian Banman
Brian is a Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, native who earned his Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA) from Trinity Western University in 2007 prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at the West Campus in 2011. Drawn to a healthcare career from a young age, Brian ultimately decided to pursue a career in chiropractic after “seeing firsthand how doctors of chiropractic are able to help their patients achieve optimal health. Once he made his career choice, choosinga college was easy. “I knew about Palmer’s respected reputation, and decided on the West Campus because living in sunny California was also quite appealing!” Brian is active in a variety of clubs at the West Campus, including Gonstead and AK/SOT, and he also plays on the Palmer basketball team. He looks forward to the journey of completing his chiropractic degree andto exploring all thepractice options along the way. "My goal is to practice where there is a need for chiropractic—and since that is everywhere, it will be exciting to explore all windows of opportunity.”

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Peggy Chin
Peggy is a Whittier, Calif., native who graduated from the Univ. of California at Los Angeles in 2002 (B.S., applied mathematics), and enjoyed a distinguished career in the hi-tech industry (working for Hitachi Consulting, Northrop Grumman, and Yahoo) before redirecting her career path into chiropractic, and initiating her studies at Palmer’s San Jose Campus in 2013. In addition to her involvement with the Campus Guides, Peggy serves Palmer College and the San Jose Campus in a variety of other roles, including vice president of the Associated Student Government; president of the Soft Tissue Club; and, vice president for the San Jose Campus chapter of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA). Peggy also is a member of the Sports Council, as well as a student member of the American Public Health Assn. 

 “I knew I wanted to be a healthcare provider because it was important for me to be able to help people in any way that I could.  Chiropractic fell into my lap because it really resonated with me that a chiropractor can provide exceptional care to individuals in a non-invasive approach.”

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Ashlea Clark
Ashlea is a native of Little Rock, Ark., where she earned her B.S. (philosophy), prior to initiating her chiropractic studies at Palmer’s San Jose Campus in 2013. After graduation, Ashlea  planned on applying to medical school – until she ventured to California, and had her first adjustment, from which she experienced dramatic results.

“From the moment I walked on to the Palmer campus, I felt at home,” said Ashlea, who, in addition to Campus Guides, also is involved with the Sports Council, SACA, the Integrative Medicine Club, and the Student Research Club.

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West Campus - Trevor Dandridge
Trevor Dandridge
Trevor is a Mississauga, Ont., Canada, native, who earned his B.S. (kinesiology) from Brock University prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in January 2013. Shortly after he was hired as a kinesiologist for a large company in Canada, Trevor recognized that he did not want to work for a firm that emphasized the wellness of the business over the wellness of the clients .He began to explore health-related careers that would enable Trevor to utilize his kinesiology degree, but also allow him to work with his hands, and continue a lifestyle centered around a more “holistic” approach to health and healing – which ultimately led him to chiropractic. Trevor is a member of the West Campus Sports Council, and has attended meetings of the Gonstead and Soft Tissue clubs. He also is a member of the Palmer Pride ice hockey team. “My career goal is to run a multi-purpose, multidisciplinary wellness facility that incorporates many aspects of health care, and includes a diverse group of providers, which would include myself, as the DC, as well as an RMT, a dietician, acupuncturist or naturopath, a couple of PT’s, and possibly a personal trainer. The team would share a common goal of taking a natural approach to empowering our patients’ ability to achieve an optimal level of health and wellness.”

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West Campus - Jennifer Drivick
Jennifer Drivick
Jennifer, a native from San Diego, Calif., attended San Diego State University and earned her B.A. degree in biology. Prior to initiating her chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus, Jennifer worked as a physical therapy aid at a San Diego-based multidisciplinary clinic, whose health care team included a West alumna. Jennifer was impressed with the ability to treat the ‘whole person,’ versus just individual ‘parts.’ Upon completion of the program, Jennifer, plans to return to San Diego and work with her chiropractic mentor, with the goal of ultimately establishing her own practice. In addition to her role as a West Campus Guide, Jennifer is active with many other student clubs and organizations, including the Sports Council, SPEAK (Student Patient Education and Knowledge), and Functional Fitness exercise workout group, as well as “hands-on” clubs, including Applied Kinesiology (A.K.), Gonstead, and Soft Tissue.

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West Campus - Mecca Fayad
Mecca Fayad
Mecca is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, native who earned her B.S. from the University of Alberta. Mecca developed a strong interest in helping others at an early age. As she fine-tuned the focus of her health career options, Mecca quickly realized that chiropractic was her calling because it is a proactive rather than reactive form of health care. While academically satisfying, attending a large university was ultimately "a very alienating experience," said Mecca. The experience factored into her decision to attend Palmer's West Campus. "From the moment I walked on to the campus, I knew I would be a part of a community. I appreciated the small classes sizes, the supportive academic environment, and, of course, the opportunity to get involved. In addition, as an Albertan, I couldn't think of a better place to live for three years!" At the West Campus, Mecca is active in a variety of clubs and student groups, including the Sports Council, the Yoga Club, the Community Supported Agriculture Program, and the Ski and Snow Club. Mecca has worked as a professional makeup artist and customer service representative for the past three years. Her hobbies include piano, singing, reading, yoga, rollerblading, baking, and traveling.

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 California - Jared Foat
Jared Foat 
Jared is a native of Carstairs, Alberta, Can., where he grew up on a farm, and knows from firsthand experience the physical toll this type of work can take on the body, due to the daily rigors of riding tractors and herding cattle. While exploring various health career options, Jared visited one of the chiropractors in his hometown, and learned that the doctor was a former professional bull rider – which sparked an instant connection that inspired Jared to continue on the chiropractic career path. Jared graduated from Mount Royal University (B.Sc., health sciences) in Calgary, and earned a Canadian Millennium Scholarship prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus. Once Jared decided to pursue a chiropractic career, Jared said he chose to attend Palmer’s West Campus “because the Palmer name and history is second to none; the Sports Council program; and its reputation as one of the leading schools for research, and strong evidence-based curriculum.”In addition to his involvement with the West Campus Guides, Jared also is president of the Palmer Pride ice hockey team. Upon receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Jared looks forward to returning to Canada, and establishing his practice in Alberta, near his family’s farm. 

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California - Anna Gierach
Anna Marie Gierach 
Anna Marie is a native of Edmonton, Alberta, Can., where she earned her B.Sc. (biological sciences) and graduated with “Distinction” honors from the Univ. of Alberta prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus. Working as a chiropractic assistant in her stepfather’s clinic allowed Anna Marie to see the results patients achieved through chiropractic care, and ignited a desire to become a chiropractor herself. “Performing initial ‘new patient’ intakes and re-evaluations allowed me to see the positive benefits of chiropractic on a variety of patients,” said Anne Marie, who ranks snowboarding among her favorite recreational pastimes. “Plus, I always felt like chiropractic combined my desire to help people on their path to health and wellness in a natural way,” Once Anna Marie decided to pursue a career in chiropractic, she chose to attend Palmer’s West Campus. “The West Campus is part of Palmer College, which provides an educational experience with a great balance of science, philosophy, and the art of chiropractic. Plus, after attending a large university in Canada, the ‘family’ feeling of a smaller campus also was a major factor. I also look forward to being close to exploring California!” Anna Marie says plans to explore various practice options as she progresses through the West Campus program, and plans to sit both the Canadian and U.S. National Board exams before settling down.

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 West Campus - Antonio Gurule  

Antonio Gurule
Antonio grew up in Boulder, Colo., where he earned his B.S. (integrative physiology) from the University of Colorado prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in 2012. Antonio says that once he made the decision to enter the healthcare field, whatever practitioner path he pursued would have had to be in synch with his personal health practices. He found chiropractic to be his calling, in large part due to the profession’s focus on correcting the root problem of a patient’s source of pain or discomfort, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Antonio chose to attend Palmer’s West Campus because of its Sports Council program, the evidence-based curriculum, and the close community of students. Antonio is an active member of the West community. In addition to the Campus Guides, Antonio is vice president of the West Campus student chapter of the American Chiropractic Association (SACA), and a member of the Palmer soccer team. Antonio enjoys hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. Antonio says he hopes to return to Colorado and practice in the Boulder area.

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West Campus - Orlando Hubbell
Orlando Hubbell
Orlando was born in Chandler, Ariz. When he graduated from high school, he was drawn to the chiropractic profession “by the opportunity to care for people with the use of my hands.” Life took him in a different direction and Orlando earned his B.S. (exercise science) from Arizona State University in 1999. While working in the fitness realm, Orlando was inspired to pursue his life-long dream by 2001 West alumnus Dr. Radman "Radi" Rahiminejad. “Dr. Radi always pushed me to do more. One day I came into the clinic, and I left a letter of recommendation form to attend Palmer on his desk, and he was excited. Now I’m happy to pursue my dream.” Once he made the choice to become a D.C., Orlando decided to attend Palmer’s West Campus due to “the high standards of the academic program, philosophy, and clinical experience.” An outdoors enthusiast who enjoys hiking, biking and golfing, Orlando is active with other West Campus clubs and organizations, including the Sports Council. Orlando plans to practice in Chandler, and hopes to ultimately develop a family practice on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.

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West Campus - Ajay Iselin
Ajay Iselin
Ajay is a Seattle, Wash., native who earned his B.S. (exercise science) from Central Washington University (CWU) prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in 2012. Ajay played soccer at CWU, where chiropractic care enabled him to endure the physical wear-and-tear of collegiate sports while completing his studies. His personal experiences motivated Ajay to pursue a career that would enable him to help others achieve their health goals in life, from a similar drug- and surgery-free approach. Once Ajay made the decision to enter the chiropractic field, he knew exactly which college to attend. “The reputation of Palmer is undisputed, so it was my first and only choice,” he says. In addition to the Campus Guides, Ajay is active in the Sports Council, as well as the Soft Tissue, Motion Palpation, Neuroscience, and SPEAK clubs. Ajay also plays goalie on the Palmer soccer team, and is in the process of starting a new Palmer fitness club. Following graduation, Ajay says he hopes to move back to the Pacific Northwest and practice closer to home.

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West Campus - Shawn Larkin 

Shawn Larkin
Shawn is a Las Vegas, Nev., native who earned his B.S. degree (kinesiology) from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in 2012. “I’ve always been interested in the healthcare field, and I like helping people. I wanted a career that allows me to have my own business. Chiropractic offers me such a career. The sky’s the limit!”As for selecting the West Campus, Shawn says, “The thing that I liked about this school more than any other was the Sports Council. Another is the focus on the research. I also like the student to teacher ratio, and, of course, the location.” Shawn is active in several other clubs, including the Sports Council. Shawn is the father of three-year-old twins (Crew and Lily), and there’s nothing he enjoys more than spending time with his wife (Allyson) and children. When he takes a break from the books, Shawn looks forward to riding his Harley, his dirt bike, or powerboat—“basically, anything that goes fast!” Shawn plans to return to Las Vegas, with the goal of opening a family-focused practice.

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West Campus - Jennifer Nolan
Jennifer Nolan
Jenn Nolan is an Arkville, New York native who earned dual degrees in Television-Radio Communications (Video Production) and Exercise Science from Ithaca College before beginning her chiropractic career. Jenn was drawn to the chiropractic profession because it combined her love of anatomy and physiology with her wellness-focused approach to health. Jenn credits the chiropractic care she's received for helping her achieve the optimal level of fitness required to stay active in multiple recreational pastimes. Palmer West was the natural choice. “I like the evidenced-based approach to learning; the Sports Council because, as an athlete, it’s exciting have sports be part of my everyday work; and the friendly, professional, and well-informed Campus Guides, whose mentorship I continue to seek as I start my own chiropractic journey at Palmer.” Jenn serves as treasurer of the West Campus chapter of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA), and she’s a member of the Sports Council, as well as the AK/SOT, Neurology, and Soft Tissue clubs.

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California - Andrea Ormonde
Andrea Ormonde
Andrea grew up in Riverside, Calif., and earned her B.S. (biological studies) from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, prior to making the move to the northern part of the Golden State to pursue her chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in San Jose. Given that health care was her passion, Andrew knew this would ultimately become her profession. And, the more she explored health career options, the more Andrea found herself following a career path into the chiropractic profession – and heading in the direction of Palmer’s West Campus, which she selected for “the small class sizes, supportive family feel, and the outstanding students and faculty.” In addition to the Campus Guides, Andrea also is active with a wide range of West Campus extracurricular endeavors, including the Gonstead and Soft Tissue clubs, the Palmer Student Alumni Foundation, the Sports Council, and for some recreational release, the Volleyball club. “Chiropractic is everything I have ever wanted in a career -- and more!” says Andrea, who also enjoys baking, traveling, running, yoga, and cycling. “A career in the chiropractic profession not only allows you to interact with people on a daily basis, and help them to achieve an optimal level of health, but you also have the opportunity to spread the word about this amazing healing technique that works naturally with the body.”

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 Lindsay Pomeroy
Lindsay is a native of Calgary, Alberta, Can., who earned her B.S. (kinesiology) from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C., prior to initiating her chiropractic studies at Palmer’s San Jose Campus in 2013. A competitive skier for most of her life, Lindsay has suffered her fair share of bumps and bruises, which fueled her interest in the field of sports medicine. The more time she spent observing her cousin, Dr. Trent Dean, D.C., a ’95 San Jose Campus alumni who practices in Calgary, the more Lindsay felt inspired to follow a similar career path. 

“Chiropractic is aligned with my beliefs of a natural, drug-free healthcare option, which also will enable me to work with athletes,” said Lindsay.

“Once I made the choice to pursue chiropractic as a career, the key factors that led me to attend Palmer’s San Jose Campus include the Sports Council program, the friendly feeling of the campus community, and the benefit of small-class sizes, while also enjoying the benefits of opportunities associated with a ‘big school,’ such as the many clubs and Clinic Abroad.”

In addition to the Sports Council, Lindsay also is active in other activities at Palmer’s San Jose Campus including the Gonstead Club, and the co-ed softball team (which she helped to organize).

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 West Campus - Tony Rodgers   


Tony Rodgers
Tony is a Muscoda, Wisc., native, who earned his B.S. (biology pre-medicine emphasis in business) from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in Oct. 2012. “I’m impressed with how the body can heal itself, with correct direction and time, so my ultimate goal became finding a career that would enable me to help my patients achieve optimal health with little to no drug intervention—and what better way to do this then being the mechanic for the human body!,” says Tony. In addition to his role with the Campus Guides, Tony also is an executive officer on the Sports Council executive board, and is a member of several campus clubs, including Gonstead, Soft Tissue, Motion Palpation, and Neurology. Tony says he’ll explore all career options as he advances through the West Campus program. However, he foresees returning to the Midwest, where he envisions establishing a sports-focused practice.

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West Campus - Morgan Rovetti
Morgan Rovetti
Morgan is a Reno, Nev., native who completed her Palmer prerequisites at the University of Nevada at Reno, and at Brigham Young University. Morgan’s father is a Dr. David Rovetti, a 1985 West Campus alumnus, so she grew up in a chiropractic family. However, she gained a whole new appreciation for chiropractic while playing on the U20 women’s rugby team, featuring the top women rugby players in the country. “Chiropractic care has been so beneficial in my life; I’m excited about becoming a part of the profession, and being able to help others enjoy the same health benefits,” says Morgan. In addition to her father being a West alumn, Morgan says she chose to attend the West Campus due to its California location, along with Palmer’s respected reputation for setting the highest standards of clinical and academic excellence. In addition to the Campus Guides, Morgan is involved with other campus clubs, including SPEAK and the Sports Council. Morgan enjoys playing various sports and camping. Following graduation, Morgan will return to Nevada, where she plans to open an acute-care practice in Reno.

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West Campus - Courtney Schroeder
Courtenay Schroeder
Courtenay was born in Detroit Lakes, Minn. Courtenay earned her B.S. in nursing from Saint Catherine University in St. Paul, and worked as a pediatric intensive care nurse for six years. Courtenay suffered a back injury a few years ago and her experience of receiving care from a local chiropractor is what ultimately got the wheels spinning in the chiropractic direction. Although there were chiropractic college options closer to home, Courtenay decided to attend Palmer’s West Campus based on a multitude of factors, some of which include its outstanding reputation, exceptional Sports Council, and the one-on-one attention with small class sizes. In addition to the Campus Guides, Courtenay also is active with other clubs and activities, including Sports Council, Functional Fitness, Applied Kinesiology, Ping-Pong, SOT, and Soft Tissue. Extracurricular interests include hiking, biking, running, yoga, movies, reading a great thriller, and traveling. Although she’s open to all opportunities that may come her way in the course of her West Campus experience, Courtenay has narrowed her ideal practice locations to Minneapolis, Denver or San Francisco. She envisions a multidisciplinary practice, with an emphasis on pediatric care, which includes a sizeable area designated for physical rehab.

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West Campus - Rebecca Schroeder
Rebecca Schroeder
When Rebecca graduates from Palmer’s West Campus in 2014, she will be the fourth chiropractor of her immediate family—and D.C. number 75 in the extended Schroeder family of chiropractors! Rebecca’s father, Dr. Tom Schroeder, is a 1980 Palmer Davenport Campus graduate, and her sister, Dr. Allison Schroeder Mankey, is a 2011 West Campus graduate. Rebecca’s chiropractic cousins include current West Campus student Torrey Schroder and Dr. Terry Schroeder, ’86 alumnus and coach of the U.S. men’s water polo team. “I grew up in a chiropractic family, and watching the healing take place around me was incredible! It didn’t take long for me to see the magnitude of chiropractic, and I was quickly inspired to become a chiropractor myself,” said Rebecca, who will join her father’s practice in Fresno. Selecting the college to attend was as easy of a decision for Rebecca as was her career choice. “I chose Palmer’s West Campus because of the admiration and respect I have for all the successful doctors I know who’ve graduated from Palmer,” said Rebecca, who is president of the Maximized Living Club, and a member of the Sports Council as well as the Sun and Snow, Pediatrics, and SOT/AK clubs. Rebecca’s recreational interests include soccer, snow sports and wakesurfing.

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West Campus - Torrey Schroeder
Torrey Schroeder
Torrey is a Clovis, Calif., native who attended the University of Texas at Austin for three years before completing her health sciences degree at New Mexico State University. Torrey was a Division I softball pitcher all four years. Torrey joins her cousin Becca (also a Campus Guide) at the West Campus. She will graduate as a fourth-generation chiropractor in her immediate family, and as the 75th D.C. in the collective group of Schroeder chiropractors, which includes several West alumni. “Palmer’s West Campus does a remarkable job at combining the science, art and philosophy of our profession into a curriculum that challenges students to become better doctors. Plus, we get the traditions of Palmer’s history, while enjoying the San Francisco Bay Area.” Torrey is active in the SPEAK and Soft Tissue clubs, and she also serves as her class’ student government representative. Torrey enjoys playing beach and court volleyball, and she remains active on the softball field, as a personal instructor teaching the art of pitching. Torrey plans to join the Fresno-based practice of her father, Dr. Andy Schroeder, Davenport ’77.

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West Campus - Daniel Skinner
Daniel Skinner
Daniel hails from Victoria, B.C., where he attended the University of Victoria, and majored in kinesiology while completing his prerequisites prior to initiating his studies at Palmer’s West Campus in January 2012. Daniel entered U of V with the thought of becoming a physical therapist. However, that career path was rerouted into chiropractic while working part-time at Backfit Spinal Health & Fitness in Victoria. “Working with two great Palmer doctors during my undergrad inspired me to rethink my original plan to become a physical therapist, and, instead motivated me to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.” Inspired by the skills of his two mentoring doctors, Daniel decided to follow the same Canada-to-California path to Palmer’s West Campus. Other decision-impacting factors included: experienced and well-published faculty; the friendly and supportive student body; and the West Campus’ renowned Sports Council program. Most of Daniel’s recreational interests involve the outdoors, so you’ll often find him cycling on his bike or getting in touch with nature while hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Upon graduation, he will be venturing back home to Canada, where he plans to establish a practice in Victoria.

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West Campus - Damir Suminac
Damir Simunac
Damir was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, but his family fled the country amidst a civil war when he was eight and moved to the United States, where they settled in Chicago, Illinois. Damir attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he earned his B.S. in 2008. Damir was motivated to pursue a career in chiropractic following the care he received from a local chiropractor, which changed his personal philosophy on health care. Once he made the decision to pursue a career in chiropractic, he knew he wanted to become a Palmer graduate, and join the largest network of chiropractic doctors in the world. Of course, the West Campus location also factored into his decision: “The Bay Area is a very attractive place to live – and much warmer than back in Chicago!” Damir has served as co-education director for the Sports Council and vice president of the Soft Tissue Club; worked as a student assistant on a faculty research project; and has played on the men’s indoor soccer team and men’s basketball team. Trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Damir says he’ll consider and explore all practice options as he progresses through the program; however, his ultimate goal is to return to Chicago and establish a family-based practice that specialize in sports and movement.

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West Campus - Joe Sullivan
Joe Sullivan
Joe grew up in Evergreen, Colo., where he earned his B.S. in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University. Joe started his CSU experience with the thought of pursuing a medical degree; however, after exploring the medical field a bit further, he quickly discovered how physician-based medicine has changed rather dramatically in recent years. Given his desire to be in a position to have a more “hands-on” role with helping his patients achieve optimal health and wellness, Joe decided to change career fields and redirected his career path toward chiropractic. “This profession offers the unique opportunity for the doctor to be a larger force in the patient’s healing and overall healthy lifestyle.” Joe says several factors impacted his decision to attend Palmer’s West campus, including: high standards of academic excellence; a friendly and supportive campus community; and the renowned Sports Council program. Joe is captain of the West Campus soccer team and his long-term goal is to manage a family-focused, Colorado-based practice that enables him to utilize his sports-specific skills with local athletics, from youth to college levels.

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West Campus - Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas
Brandon is a Covington, Ky., native who attended the University of Kentucky, where he earned a dual bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology prior to commencing his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in 2011. “My education, health-consciousness, and upbringing in a diverse medical family led me to explore this profession, and introduced me to a career that I could genuinely devote myself to: chiropractic,” says Brandon. “The more time I spent observing the benefits of chiropractic care, the more I fell in love with the idea of helping my own patients.” He decided to attend the West Campus based on the Bay Area location, the Sports Council program, and the evidence-based curriculum. Brandon is the president of the West chapter of the International Federation of Chiropractors & Organizations (FICO), as well as an assistant Sports Council event coordinator. Brandon also helped the Sports Council develop a new web site: In addition to other campus clubs, Brandon enjoys wakeboarding, skydiving, scuba diving, and hiking. Following graduation, Brandon plans to combine his love of travel and chiropractic to explore international practice opportunities.

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West Campus - Tomilyn Thornberry
Tomilyn Thornberry
Tomilyn grew up in a health-conscious family in Wilmington, Ohio, where she received chiropractic care from a young age and throughout her career as a long-distance runner at Xavier University, where she earned her B.S. (biology). After earning her M.Ed from the University of Notre Dame, Tomilyn worked as a middle-school science and high school biology teacher for three years. She earned a Fulbright Group Scholarship, which provided the opportunity to visit schools in Brazil. "The collective experiences of college athletics, working with children, and spending time in a developing nation, solidified my interest in pursuing a chiropractic career," said Tomilyn. In addition to the comfortable year-round climate, other key factors which factored into Tomilyn’s decision to attend the West Campus include Palmer'sreputation as "the trusted leader," small class sizes, and excellent sports chiropractic programs. “As a former teacher, I know how valuable intimately-sized classroom settings are to the learning process, and that is a huge advantage the West Campus has over all other chiropractic colleges." Tomilyn coaches the track and cross-country teams at St. Lawrence Academy, and she’s active with the Kidnetics Project. Tomilyn hopes to develop a small-community practice in Ohio serving women, families and athletes.

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West Campus - Trent Wittal
Trent Wittal
Trent is a native of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, where he earned his B.S. in kinesiology at the University of the Fraser Valley, with an emphasis in exercise physiology and rehabilitation. During the three years prior to initiating his chiropractic career, Trent worked as a personal trainer, designing programs that were built to help improve postural instabilities. During his final year at UFV, Trent volunteered at a local multidisciplinary clinic, where he learned the degree to which chiropractic can have such an immediate impact and positive influence on the patient’s health and wellness. “That experience motivated me to pursue a chiropractic career, because I’ve always wanted to help people achieve optimal health with my hands, and to positively affect the quality of their life.” Once Trent recognized chiropractic was his calling, the next step was deciding where to go to school. Trent participates in many clubs including Gonstead, Motion Palpation, and Soft Tissue, as well as playing on the Palmer Pride ice hockey team. Following graduation, Trent plans to start a multidisciplinary practice, with an emphasis on acute-injury management.

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Florida Campus - Aneesah Baker
Aneesah Baker
Annesah is a native of Buffalo, New York, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from "The Great" Bethune- Cookman University, and a Master’s Degree in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix. She became interested in chiropractic during her undergraduate career, in which she had the pleasure of discussing chiropractic with a Palmer Campus Guide. Annesah’s chiropractic experiences and lifelong commitment to serving others led her to pursue a career in chiropractic. Palmer College was the obvious choice for her chiropractic education because it was the leading institution in preparing students to function as competent doctors. Annesah wanted to be surrounded by the unique learning opportunities and academic challenges. Annesah’s interests include participating in youth sport activities with her three boys, traveling with her husband and volunteering in her community.

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Florida Campus - Nancy Bertelmann
Nancy Bertelmann
Nancy grew up in Saint Bernard Parish, which is located just south of New Orleans, Louisiana. She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University in New Orleans and was a practicing pharmacist for 16 years. She grew up with a chiropractor as her primary care physician and feels her decision to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic degree is a course correction, not a change of heart. As a Pharmacist, she often recommended her patients seek out a chiropractor for natural remedies vs. chemical medications with potential side effects. Now she will be able to be that chiropractor and help patients obtain optimum health naturally. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her husband Al and puppies Chewbacca (Chewy) and Sasquatch (Sassy); she’s also the owner of a Cessna 150 aircraft and is working on completing her private pilots training.

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Christina Ciotti
Christina Ciotti, who also goes by Christy, spent most of her childhood in Virginia Beach, Virg. She started her undergraduate career at a small rural college in Radford, Virg. After two years, she transferred to Christopher Newport University, which was closer to home, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a Minor in Business Administration. After graduation, Christina started her career in the Washington D.C. area on a grant to develop a nationwide educational curriculum to teach law enforcement about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. While working in Washington D.C., Christina was able to travel around the country as the lead project assistant for the trainers and staff and was able to speak at many different meetings and conferences. Though her career provided her with many opportunities, she still felt as if there was another purpose for her. After some personal reflection, Christina decided she wanted a career within the health care industry in which she could have the freedom to make her own decisions, serve the community, and be able to find self-fulfillment.  Making a decision to pursue chiropractic began through Christina’s own view on health, natural healing, and nutrition, as well as her desire to help people with a more non-invasive, hands-on approach. After some extensive research, job shadowing, and of course helpful talks with friends and family, Christina ended up choosing the chiropractic profession and Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus. Christina feels that she has found her perfect fit with chiropractic and would like to help others pursue their dreams of becoming part of this life-changing profession as well. 

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Florida Campus - Caleb Halulko
Caleb Halulko
Caleb Halulko's life has been an adventure and taken him many places. After earning his bachelor’s degree in education, he spent the past eight years trying to prove to himself he was a teacher. Caleb spent years teaching in China, Chicago and, most recently, Denver. However, his passion for sports, caring for people, education, nutrition and health could never be implemented fully as a school teacher.Caleb knew there was always something different he was purposed to do. Chiropractic was always a field and area which fascinated him, as it encompassed each of these areas. As he did more research on education, the more it became a possibility and a reality. He has truly enjoyed his time at Palmer thus far and is thrilled to learn so much more on his road to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

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Florida Campus - Joe Herring
Joe Herring
Joseph was born in Gainesville, Fla., and is the youngest of three. He grew up right outside Gainesville on his family’s horse farm. During those years he played a variety of sports that included soccer, basketball, football, and of course, horseback riding. After high school Joe decided to join the military, to not only serve our country honorably but to help further his education that would have otherwise been financially impossible. After five years and two combat deployments to the desert, Joe decided to depart from the military to focus on education full time. Carrying on the family tradition, he attended the University of Georgia. While studying for his undergraduate degree, based on his military experience as hospital corpsman, he knew he wanted to be in the health field, but not emergency medicine. It wasn’t until his mom asked for a ride to the chiropractor that Joe was introduced to the wonders that it works. Seeing the relief after her visit and several shadowing visits at Dr. Chance’s office, Joe knew it was what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing. Being from Florida he also knew the Florida Campus was the place for him.

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Florida Campus - Ashley Hughes
Ashley Hughes
Ashley Hughes grew up in the small town of Boaz, Alabama into a chiropractic family and was always taught to heal the body with natural remedies. She completed her B.S. in Exercise Science at Auburn University; with exercise, health and nutrition as major interests. As a competitive cheerleader in high school and college, the wonders of chiropractic helped her through many injuries and ultimately sparked her interest in the profession. Ashley fell even more in love with chiropractic after working as a Chiropractic Assistant during her undergrad. Palmer Florida’s beautiful campus and positive energy was what solidified her choice in beginning her chiropractic journey. During her free time she enjoys working with Daytona Xtreme All-Starz cheerleading and spending time at the beach.

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Florida Campus - Cynthia Mangla
Cynthia Mangla
Cynthia was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Miami University of Ohio in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology. Having family members in the medical field, Cynthia always had a passion for healthcare and helping those in need. During a medical mission trip in college, she was thrilled with the experience to serve others, but disappointed knowing the patients were receiving temporary relief of pain from medication they did not have access to. While researching more holistic areas of healthcare, Cynthia shadowed a chiropractor and immediately fell in love with the profession. After seeing firsthand the wide scope of benefits that can be obtained from chiropractic care, she knew this was the right path. She chose Palmer College of Chiropractic because of its excellent reputation. When she is not furthering her chiropractic education, Cynthia enjoys hiking, water sports, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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Hannah Norton
Hannah Norton was born and raised in the small town of Wyoming in New York State. Hannah played competitive sports throughout high school, which is how she got interested in chiropractic through her father. Her father visited a chiropractor regularly and after she injured her back in softball she also went.  After she graduated high school she went on to D'Youville College, where she played NCAA basketball and softball. She thanks chiropractic for helping her through her sports career. After Hannah’s experience with her chiropractor, she now wants to help other athletes with injuries and to be able to help them improve their overall well-being in a natural way.  

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Jessica Ostrander
Jessica was born in Lapeer, Mich., where she spent the first half of her childhood before moving with her family to Wyoming, which is where she now calls home. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Jessica found her passion in helping others achieve their maximum wellness potential as a personal trainer and fitness manager.  Towards the end of her college career, Jessica knew she wanted to expand on her knowledge of the human body; her love of a natural and healthy lifestyle led her to the field of chiropractic. Jessica had chosen Palmer College of Chiropractic right off the bat because of its reputation within the chiropractic community. Spending the latter half of her life in the mountains, there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to go to school in sunny Florida. Jessica is excited to continue with her education as a Doctor of Chiropractic and looks forward to helping others discover the journey of a healthy lifestyle. Outside of school, Jessica enjoys almost anything fitness related, hiking, camping, traveling and spending time with friends and family. 

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