Career Fair

Does your clinic have an opening for an associate or will you be expanding your clinic in the near future? 

The Palmer Center for Business Development will host its Annual Career Fair on Friday, September 18, 2015 in Davenport, Iowa. The Center for Business Development is dedicated to connecting alumni with current students looking for associateships after graduation. We hope to see you there. The Center for Business Development is located on the 4th floor of Campus Center. Please contact us with questions.

Career Fair 2013Comments from Career Fair 2013:
“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the recent career fair that took place in Palmer's Business Center. As a 9th trimester student at the time, I learned a lot about my options for future employment. Throughout class we learn a lot about how to market, or code, or how to deal the practice that we either build, buy, or become an associate of, but currently we are all striving to get to find that "perfect" job for us so we can utilize the business and marketing skills our classes have instilled upon us. The career fair had many new opportunities that are priceless, because you cannot get the same opportunity in a classroom. Having the opportunity to speak one on one with a possible future employers allows you to practice talking with these type of people. It allows you to learn what to say and what not to say so you can learn from the experience and move forward with talking to other possible future employers. Once again thank you very much for the opportunity. I had a lot of fun, met some interesting people and doctors, and definitely opened some new doors to different opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't have known were available.”
Brock Field
Palmer Student 

“I was very impressed with the Palmer Career Fair. I felt the students came very prepared and asked great questions. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet students from all trimesters! Students get to see what qualities employers are looking for, and employers are able to meet upcoming graduates. We don’t get the chance to interact with the students very often and this is a great event to do so.”
Tracie Peterson
Doctor Recruiting/Marketing
Allied Health Chiropractic Centers

“The fair worked out very well for us. We have three possible candidates that have set up times to come shadow and interview with our doctors. We are very pleased.”
Pamela Strelcheck
Marketing Director
Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic

career fair 2012Comments from Career Fair 2012:
"It gave students the chance to get a head start on life after graduation and to start deciding where they want to go and what exactly they are looking for. Thank you for putting the time and effort into this. For only being the second year I feel it was a very good event!"
Dr. Teddi EriksenEriksen Services 

Comments from Career Fair 2011:
Employer Comment: “I’m at the stage where I’m looking for a preceptor or possibly a future associate,” he said. “This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with Palmer students and talk about what we each have to offer.” 

Chris LoRang said he came to the Career Fair “to gain the experience of handing out my resume and talking to doctors about opportunities they may have. Two of the doctors on the list are in my target areas for future practice, too.” 

Business Modules

The Center delivers a co-curricular experience that is market-ready and practical. The modules are designed to ensure that aspiring chiropractors have an opportunity to tackle some of the major hurdles that entrepreneurs face as they open, operate and grow their business. The Palmer Center for Business Development delivers workshops to students through its partners in the business and chiropractic community. Topics range from chiropractic specific details such as office flow and additional sources of practice income to business details involving financing and marketing. Learn more about Business Modules.

Palmer CareerNetwork

Palmer CareerNetwork is our Online Career Management System. Palmer students can find prospective professional opportunities, alumni mentors, and more through the Palmer CareerNetwork. Learn more about Palmer CareerNetwork.

Optimal Resume™

Palmer's Center for Business Development partners with Optimal Resume to offer both students and alumni a secured web portal providing 24-hour access to the gold standard in online resume technology. Optimal Resume allows you to create resumes, letters, e Portfolios, Video Resumes and Professional Career Websites. Learn more about Optimal Resume.


Palmer College of Chiropractic students can hone their interview skills 24/7 with this cutting edge online video-based mock interview tool which gives you the power to practice, conduct, and save your interviews from the convenience of home or the Center for Business Development. Learn more about InterviewStream.

Business Library

The Center offers a business library full of resources. There are books on general aspects of business as well as the specific challenges of a chiropractic clinic. From marketing to management to leadership, the topics are diverse. There are also books on professional development and personal growth. Many books are also available in CD format. DVD recordings of the “Ask the Coach” webinars are available too. Learn more about the Business Library.


How will you find a great location for your practice? Locus has the facts! With their demographic site selection data, Locus enables you to plan your work by clearly demonstrating high potential sites as a first step in identifying a truly successful chiropractic practice. The ACA, Business Information Systems (BIT) and Locus have identified ten essential chiropractic location factors which help you to make an effective and informed decision on where to locate your new practice. Learn more about Locus.

Coaching Sessions and “Ask the Coach”

These individual sessions cover post-graduate options, how to select a practice location, setting goals, developing a business plan and preparing your practice financials. They also include other issues that a D.C. student needs to know before graduating. Coaching is available to Davenport students in 8th through 10th trimester. Learn more about Coaching.

“Ask the Coach” is an interactive coaching webinar designed to answer your most pressing questions. This ongoing series will provide you with an online community of trusted advisors who will share their expertise and viewpoints. Two times are offered to accommodate students at all three campuses. Learn more about “Ask the Coach.” 

Care Tactics

Dr. Frank Sovinsky, co-author of The E-Myth Chiropractor, presents valuable tips for effective patient communication. Available anytime! This online video series includes four topics. Learn more about Care Tactics.

  • First Contact/Consultation
  • Relating Your Findings
  • Day to Day Communication
  • Interim Exams

Student Ambassador Program

The Palmer Student Ambassadors (SA’s) are a hand-selected group of highly motivated future chiropractic business professionals. The SA’s provide an indispensible service to Palmer College of Chiropractic by serving as liaisons to current and prospective Palmer students, the community, Palmer faculty and staff, Palmer Alumni, and business professionals. These students will serve as the face and voice of the Palmer Center for Business Development (PCBD), and provide the community a look at what it is to be a Palmer Professional. Learn more about the Student Ambassador Program.