Thank you to our newest members of Palmer’s Heritage Endowment Society. It is because of their foresight, leadership and commitment to securing the future of Palmer College that we honor them and extend a sincere thank you.

Silver Society Members


  • Dr. and Mrs. William J. Kiernan, 1953 – New Hampshire, Davenport, Iowa, Campus
  • Charlotte Mattiyahu, D.C., 1993 – California, San Jose, Calif., Campus


  • Ms. Helen Elizabeth Dunaway – Iowa, grateful patient
  • Mr. Howard Gorzney – Illinois, grateful patient


  • Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust – Iowa


1895 Society Members


  • Cheryl E. Crawford, D.C., 1991 – Pennsylvania, Davenport, Iowa, Campus
  • Kevin A. Cunningham, D.C., 1988 – Iowa, Davenport, Iowa, Campus
  • Glenn M. Hedges, D.C., 1988 – Illinois, Davenport, Iowa, Campus
  • Ronald J. Rolley, Jr., D.C., 2000 – Pennsylvania, Davenport, Iowa, Campus


  • Peter B. Laliberte, D.M.D., M.A.G.D. – Maine


  • Ohio Foundation of Chiropractic – Ohio
  • Ryan and Associates – Iowa


Society Members


  • Ross Kading, D.C., 1986 – Wisconsin, Davenport, Iowa, Campus
  • Daniel V. Kitamura-Tintor, D.C., 1985 – California, Davenport, Iowa, Campus
  • Delano C. Malmstrom, D.C., 1952 – Kansas, Davenport, Iowa, Campus

To learn more about the Heritage Endowment Society or becoming a member, contact Senior Development Officer Lois Kundel at or (563) 884-5611.