Message from the Principal Investigator of the R25 Grant

Dear Colleagues:

Cynthia Long, PhD I am very excited to share with you the news that our R25 grant has been renewed by NIH for 4 more years beginning Sep 1, 2012 through Aug 31, 2016. In the past 4 years, 73 faculty, administrators and research fellows have participated in the annual EBCP workshop and 19 faculty received grant support to attend the week-long McMaster University program.

We will continue to put on an annual workshop and are currently planning the 5th EBCP workshop retreat hosted by Dr. Mark Wilson on the University of Iowa campus. Our intention is that all faculty who want to participate in the 2-day EBCP workshop retreat will have the opportunity to do so by the end of the grant period.

We will also continue to support select faculty who want to take an EBCP leadership role on their campus to participate in the McMaster program through grant funding of their registration and travel costs and administrative release time. This year, the grant supported 6 faculty across the 3 campuses to participate and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supported a 7th who is our first faculty member invited to be a tutor-trainee. Read about their experiences in this issue of the newsletter.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of our advisory committee (AC) for their support and guidance of this program. The AC is chaired by Drs. Marchiori and Goertz and includes vice-chancellors Percuoco and Wood; our grant partners Drs. Mark Wilson and Kristi Ferguson from the University of Iowa, and Dr. Kevin Lyons from Thomas Jefferson University; campus administrative representatives Drs. Luce, Meeker and Weinert; Dr. Silvestrone from the Office of Strategic Development; and Rita Nafziger from the CTL. In addition, there is a faculty representative from each campus: Dr. Michelle Barber from the Davenport campus, Dr. Tammi Clark from the West campus and Dr. Ed Pappagallo from the Florida campus.

We are in the process of planning other activities that you will be hearing about throughout the year. I look forward to working with you over the next 4 years to continue to advance EBCP initiatives at Palmer.

Cynthia R. Long, PhD
Director of Research, Davenport Campus

Evidence in Action

Continuing My EBCP Journey
Kimberly Keene, DC - Florida Campus

Kim Keene, D.C. Thank you, Palmer, for sending me to McMaster University for the Evidence-Based experience. I was in the teacher training track, and the majority of the other physicians in my group were pediatricians. We were assigned to small groups of 10-12 for the majority of the week, and the exchanges in these groups were very helpful not only in expanding my knowledge of evidence-based concepts, but also in learning a variety of techniques that I am now utilizing with my students in the clinic. (I am a faculty clinician/mentor.) Also, the information and techniques learned at McMaster have supported in the new introductory EBCP class that a group of Florida campus clinicians have developed.

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Rich and Rewarding
Greg Snow, DC - West Campus

Greg Snow, D.C. I found the McMaster experience to be a rich and rewarding one. Entering the workshop, I had a superficial understanding of some of the basic EBCP concepts, but little understanding of when and how to apply them. The immersion into EBCP at McMaster proved to be extremely helpful to me in gaining a much better grasp of these concepts. The process by which we learned the concepts, and applied them, through small group settings proved to be very effective. The information was reinforced not just by having the pressure of creating and presenting your own presentation, but by listening to and critiquing others.

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An Amazing Opportunity
Heather L. Bowyer, DC, CCSP - Florida Campus

Attending the 2012 McMaster University’s “Improving your Practice/Teaching through Evidence Based Clinical Practice (EBCP) Workshop” provided me with an amazing opportunity to grow as an educator and physician. I fully understand the importance of using a patient-centered practice model to educate my students while incorporating evidence based care into the diagnosis and management of my own patients. The difficulty lies in providing EBCP information in a way my students can understand and use it.

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McMaster Experience
John Stites, DC, DACBR, FACO - Davenport Campus

Dr. John Stites portrait In January of this year I received an invitation to be a tutor-trainee for the “Improving your Practice/Teaching through Evidence Based Clinical Practice Workshop” at McMaster University. What an incredible honor. One other chiropractor from Northwestern University and I were invited to participate. The only other chiropractor ever invited to be a tutor-trainee received his PhD in epidemiology at McMaster.

The tutor-training program had been going on for a few years.

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EBCP Resources

A new webpage has been created to provide easy access to EBCP resources. You can find it here. Note that this is on the Palmer College website and therefore is accessible by all faculty, staff and students. Please share this resources page with those who will find it helpful. If you have links to add, please send them to Katie Hoyt at