In the event of a power failure in your area:

  1. Please notify Campus Security.
  2. Please remain at your workstation during the power outage; but if there is inadequate lighting, move into hallways or other nearby open areas within the building. Faculty, please keep your students in class unless notified by Campus Security. Campus power failures are usually very short in duration, but there have been very rare instances of extended outages.
  3. If directed to by Campus Security, evacuate the building. No one will be allowed to re-enter the buildings until power has been restored and Campus Security has determined it to be safe.

IMPORTANT: In all emergencies, please contact Campus Security.

Campus Security will contact Palmer Chiropractic Clinics personnel and municipal emergency services, then meet and escort the emergency responders to the location of the injured/ill person(s).

Campus Security is notified first in order to direct emergency assistance directly to the scene.

Formal procedures are in place between Campus Security and area emergency services to address emergencies originating from the campus. Because of the familiarity Campus Security personnel have with area emergency responders (dispatch, fire department, police department), Campus Security will direct emergency responders to the scene more quickly than if a person were to call 911 independently. It may seem like an extra step, but contacting Campus Security first will reduce overall response time in an emergency. 

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