Evacuations due to severe weather will occur when notified by telephone or in person by Campus Security officers.

  • Proceed to the nearest designated severe weather safe area.
  • If time is minimal, sit under a sturdy desk or table for protection. Keep away from windows, structures with large free-span roofs, the uppermost stories of multi-story buildings, and parked cars.
  • All Palmer faculty, staff, and students will wait for the All Clear signal from Campus Security before leaving the designated safe areas.
  • The sounding of the severe weather sirens does not necessarily prompt an immediate evacuation to the severe weather shelters. The siren coincides with a National Weather Service warning, but it does not necessarily mean the weather is going to affect operations on the Palmer campus.
  • When activated, the thunderstorm and tornado alerts have distinct tones and durations. The thunderstorm warning consists of succinct air horn blasts over a 90-second period. The tornado warning is a sustained tone (the universal tornado alert siren) that wails for three minutes. 
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