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West Alumni Help Keep SF Rock Concert Performers Rolling in Golden Gate Park

8/29/2011 (Archived)

For the second year in a row, Chiro-Medical Group in San Francisco, a multidisciplinary practice that includes four West Campus alumni, served as the official medical director of the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, a three-day event in historic Golden Gate Park, Aug. 12-14. Each day the event drew more than 50,000 people to the Great Meadow area, with multiple stages featuring more than 70 performers, including some of the top artists in contemporary music.    CHIRO-MEDICAL_group_outside_lands_2011.jpg

In addition to providing care for the performers, the CMG team of Dr. Taylor Rabbetz (’00), Dr. Daniel Lord (’08), and Dr. Michael Lord (’10) also provided care for members of the production crew, stage hands and others involved with the management of a music and arts festival that enjoyed an August rarity in San Francisco – blue skies and sunshine!

The CMG musical connection actually began 10 years ago, when Dr. Rabbetz began providing care for a staff member of Bill Graham Presents, which is now Another Planet Productions, the primary concert promoter in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“I received a call from this individual prior to a concert by the Backstreet Boys; one of the band members had fallen during a rehearsal, and I was asked to come and help get him back on his feet, so he could perform,” said Dr. Rabbetz.

Thanks to Dr. Rabbetz, the show went on as scheduled. He has since been called to provide pre-performance care for numerous concert artists who have passed through the San Francisco Bay Area during the past decade.

“Having Another Planet Productions look to Chiro-Medical Group to provide chiropractic services is indeed a great honor,” said Dr. Rabbetz.

“Although not present at every event, when artists do request chiropractic care, they commonly ask, ‘Why isn’t this provided at every event?’" said Dr. Rabbetz. "Given the travel schedule the bands keep now, it is no longer a luxury, but rather the ‘Gold Standard of care’ at concert events. Why? Simple. No other type of drug-free intervention can give such drastic and immediate results.”

The Outside Lands Festival featured artists ranging from Phish, Arcade Fire, Muse and the Black Keys to bands with far less-familiar names. According to Dr. Michael Lord, the CMG team provided care for many artists during the five hours each day that services were available.

“Everyone who came in to receive care was quite appreciative,” said Dr. Lord.
“However, in particular, I’d have to say that members of the newer bands, who are still traveling from concert to concert cramped into a small bus with all their gear, were very happy to see us there, as they also have to deal with loading and unloading their equipment, unlike the bigger, more-established bands, who have hired hands to handle those types of physically exerting tasks.”

In addition to the performers on stage, the CMG team also cared for the stage crew, who handled the physical work of setting up and tearing down following each performance, or managing the sound equipment and lights, as the sun had long set before the headliners took the stage each day.

“One of the lighting guys came into our tent and said, “Can you please help me? I’ve been looking left for seven hours!’” said Dr. Lord.

Golden Gate Park has been the scene of many concerts through the years. OLF performers, however, seemed to prefer a different approach to getting ready for their on-stage performance compared to artists associated with the Haight-Ashbury chapter of the San Francisco music scene in the late 60s.

“Many of the performers are like athletes, in that they’re dealing with chronic pain from repetitive motion, or from standing for long periods of time, and they come in with a shoulder or neck complaint,” said Dr. Lord.

“And, like many of the athletes we treat in our clinic, or at various events at which we provide on-field care, the musician performers are also looking for a drug-free approach to getting them out of pain, and keeping the problems from reoccurring.”