2015 Printable Event Schedule coming soon. (Adobe Acrobat required).
 Sessions that have been submitted as D.C. credit hours are shaded gold on the schedule.

August 13-15, 2015

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2015 Printable Event Schedule coming soon. (Adobe Acrobat required).


2015 Printable Event Schedule click here.(Adobe Acrobat required).
Sessions that have been submitted as D.C. credit hours are shaded gold on the schedule. 

Friday, February 27

8-10 a.m.

Medicare Compliance Requirements
Mario Fucinari, D.C.
Sponsored by NCMIC Group, Inc.
Audits of Medicare records may lead to recoupment, exclusion from the Medicare program and even a loss of your license. Medicare and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) have detailed what are the requirements for an "effective compliance program." If you are asked for evidence of your compliance program, a properly executed program will serve as a mitigating factor against fines, jail time and the loss of your license. Dr. Mario Fucinari, Certified Insurance Consultant and Certified Health Care Compliance Specialist, will inform you of the elements required in a compliance program and how to produce the program for your office.

Recognizing Food Allergies: Challenges and Opportunities
Lia Nightingale, Ph.D.
Food allergies are a major health concern in developed countries, causing serious physical, social and financial burdens. The epidemiology and pathogenesis of food allergies will be reviewed, while clinical diagnosis, prevention strategies and treatment will be discussed in detail.

The Current Concepts in Motion Palpation
Brett Winchester, D.C.
Throughout the last century, we have learned how all bodily systems respond to the chiropractic adjustment. Although much has focused on biomechanical events, there also is a significant neurologic effect. This section will focus on how to assess for joint dysfunction from a biomechanical and a neurologic standpoint and how to perform adjustments pertaining to these joint dysfunctions. Dr. Winchester is an instructor and board member for the Motion Palpation Institute and will share current, evidence-informed concepts and techniques. He believes that the ability to palpate accurately is an absolute prerequisite to performing effective adjustments. The participant will learn current concepts in neurology and adjustments, followed by a hands-on demonstration focusing on assessment and adjustments. 

10:30 a.m.-Noon

Strengthening Palmer’s Core
Peter Martin, D.C.
Chiropractic organizations, whether colleges, support organizations or individual practices, are facing increasingly difficult challenges. The business literature identifies tactics for meeting these challenges. Assessments of an organization’s strengths, desires and environmental compatibility are important to strategically moving forward for success. This opening session to the Homecoming program will focus on several key strategies to continue the College’s heritage.

1:30-3:30 p.m.

Medicare Documentation Requirements
Mario Fucinari, D.C.
Sponsored by NCMIC Group, Inc.
Medicare has very specific requirements in 2015 for chiropractic services. Learn what the government and the insurance companies are looking for, how the government conducts "data mining," and what are the red flags that trigger recoupment or an investigation. This class will focus on the changes in policies and procedures in Medicare and the role documentation guidelines play in Electronic Health Records, PQRS and ICD-10.

Contrast Enhanced Imaging: What to Order When
Matthew Richardson, D.C., DACBR
Have you ever confidently sent in a requisition for an MRI, CT or other advanced imaging examination only to receive a call from the imaging facility with the question..."would you like that with or without contrast?" Did you know? This two hour presentation explains the role of contrast in advanced imaging studies and will help increase your confidence in knowing what to order when. 

Digital Marketing Basics
Mary Frost, D.C.
Join Dr. Frost for an overview of how to bring your practice into the digital age. Simple and effective marketing options will be discussed. Expect to interact and critique options in this practical session.

4-6 p.m.

Medicare ICD-10 Rules and Regulations
Mario Fucinari, D.C.
Sponsored by NCMIC Group, Inc.
Learn what the government and the insurance companies require in ICD-10. Dr, Mario Fucinari, Certified Insurance Consultant, Certified Health Care Compliance Specialist and a Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee Member, will explain the changes in documentation and coding requirements pertaining to ICD-10 in Medicare. Specific policies and procedures will be presented on how to properly use ICD-10 in your office. 

Meditations on Philosophy
Michelle Barber, D.C., M.S.W.
This session will explore some of the core epigrams, quotes, and philosophy in a discussion format. We will explore these ideas from the following perspective:

  1. What did they say exactly?
  2. What were they trying to say/what was the underlying message?
  3. How does this message fit with any new information we currently possess and/or have gained over the years?
  4. How do we merge the old ideas with a modern knowledge base so that it can make sense?

At the end of the session, participants will walk away with a sense of the importance of context, an appreciation for the value of change, and the ability to critically think about the quotes of our founding fathers and the current day application of these pearls of wisdom.

Chiropractors in Cancer Hospitals
Jeff Sklar, D.C.
This course will provide indications and contra-indications for administering chiropractic care to cancer patients. Dr. Sklar will discuss understanding side effects of cancer treatment on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and understanding the role of chiropractic in quality of life at any stage of the disease, as well as the criteria of patient-centered care.

Saturday, February, 28

8-10 a.m.

Risky Business: Solving the Puzzle of Risk Management in the Chiropractic Practice
Michael Shreeve, D.C.
Solve the puzzle of risk management in the chiropractic practice during this one hour interactive discussion. Participants will explore the definition of risk management and the areas to be considered in today's chiropractic practice. During a Grand Rounds-style case presentation, participants will explore and discuss risk management prevention strategies. At the conclusion of this course, you will have an understanding of key communications and practice procedures for your chiropractic office.

Chiropractors in Cancer Hospitals
Jeff Sklar, D.C.
This course will provide indications and contra-indications for administering chiropractic care to cancer patients. Dr. Sklar will discuss understanding side effects of cancer treatment on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and understanding the role of chiropractic in quality of life at any stage of the disease, as well as the criteria of patient-centered care.

Interdisciplinary Care Models: Working Together to Benefit the Patient
Nate Hinkeldey, D.C., Nicole Ingrando, D.C., Michael Olson and Michael Petrie, D.C.,
This session will highlight the value of inter-professional communication on patient care and how chiropractors can participate in multidisciplinary care teams. A panel of experts will discuss the development of professional relationships with non-chiropractic clinicians, the value of working as a team for improved patient outcomes, and the challenges and advantages of working in an inter-professional setting.

10:30 a.m.-Noon

Validating our Traditional Chiropractic Philosophy with Contemporary Science
Christopher Colloca, D.C.
Deep-seated in our roots and central to the chiropractic profession has been the concept of vertebral subluxation. Although controversy exists over the various definitions of subluxation, our history has provided numerous vertebral subluxation models that science has begun to investigate. In this session, we will explore some of the contemporary models of vertebral subluxation and research into the neuromechanical advances in biomechanics and neurophysiology of chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Colloca will present an overview of his award-winning in vivo research, conducted in both humans and large-animal models, to form a basis to begin to explore our traditional chiropractic philosophy with contemporary science. 

1:30-3:30 p.m.

Ethics in Evidence-Based Practice
Michael Shreeve, D.C.
This course will enlighten the doctor about the constructs of ethical chiropractic practice. The influence of technology on interactions with today’s patient and its impact on informed consent are discussed. Topics include ethical, moral, and legal responsibilities of the doctor as well as mandatory reporting of child/elder abuse, and communicable diseases. Ethical issues of billing, advertising, and the impact of social networking media are explored. Current research topics and the doctor’s ethical responsibility in an evidence-based practice setting are discussed.

Primary Spine Care: A Real-World Approach to Chiropractic Practice in the Evolving Health Care System
John Ventura, D.C.
Many chiropractors identify themselves as primary spine care providers. Dr. Brian Justice, a pioneer and advocate of this practice approach, will describe the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for developing such a practice and discuss the large future potential that exists for D.C.s in this role. He will give examples of programs and opportunities available in primary spine care from the perspective of his current position as an Associate Medical Director at Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

The Spine as the Foundation for Health and Disease: A Contemporary Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) Technique Presentation
Deed Harrison, D.C
Chiropractic is changing. Research, patient management, objective clinical results, treatment techniques, philosophies, and principles all advance over time. The mission of CBP Technique is to provide a research-based response to these changing times that is clinically, technically and philosophically sound. Understanding the relationship of upright human posture and spinal displacements to various pain, functional, and health disturbances is a key concept of this presentation. Secondly, the attendee will gain an appreciation of and for CBP's chiropractic corrective care procedures for structural rehabilitation of the spine and posture using mirror image® adjusting, exercise and spinal remodeling procedures.

4-6 p.m.

Laws and Rules Pertaining to the Practice of Chiropractic in the State of Florida
Steve Savoie, D.C.
Sponsored by NCMIC Group, Inc.
This session will discuss those sections of Florida law pertaining to the practice of chiropractic. Dr. Savoie will include a discussion of those rules more commonly violated and how to prevent violations. This session will meet the requirement for re-licensure of Florida licensed chiropractic physicians.

Cox Flexion Distraction Spinal Manipulation: Biomechanics and Clinical Outcomes
James Cox, D.C.
In this session, we will present information related to changes in intradiscal pressure and the foraminal area, along with discussions related to facet joint motion, disc changes under distraction manipulation, and the biomechanics of the intervertebral disc and spine. Video depictions of the spine during spinal manipulation will be shown. Clinical research related to the use of long-axis distraction of the spine will be presented, and there will be demonstrations of manipulation to various regions of the spine. Demonstration of spinal manipulation of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine and pelvis will be in this program.

Cultivate: Our Subsidiary Company
Bryan Muth, D.C.
Sponsored by Standard Process Inc.
When Standard Process implemented an internal wellness offering for its employees over 10 years ago, the motivation was simple: to champion a healthy workforce under its own roof. Then the results came in, and the data was so overwhelmingly positive-for both Standard Process employees and the organization as a whole-it became evident that we were onto something that could benefit other organizations as well. Thus, Cultivate was born. 

Sunday, March 1

8-10 a.m.

Prevention of Medical Errors
Steve Savoie, D.C.
Sponsored by NCMIC Group, Inc.
The following topics will be presented during this session mandatory for Florida-licensed chiropractic physicians: the doctor-patient relationship and the roles it plays in risk management; avoiding errors and understanding the absolute and relative contraindications to chiropractic care and what tools are available to determine if they are present; the level of record keeping sufficient to provide a reasonable defense if malpractice is alleged; and how to ensure that care initiates with informed consent.

Introduction to Sacro Occipital Technique – Incorporating an Evidence-Based Chiropractic System of Analysis and Treatment
Charles Blum, D.C.
What is Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)? How did it develop and what is its rational approach for patient assessment and treatment? How does SOT incorporate whole-body principles and expand a chiropractor’s vision of how they can help patient care from acute to chronic to preventive? Dr. Blum will review some related clinical research that has been presented at research conferences and in the literature as it pertains to this introductory presentation of SOT.

10 a.m.-1 p.m.

HIV/AIDS: Education Update and Immune Support
David Hogsed, D.O.M.
Sponsored by Standard Process Inc.
In this session the core principles of the immune system, chronic immune conditions, HIV, and their relevance to your practice will be reviewed. The dynamic presentation explains current epidemiology, prevention and safety measures. In addition, cutting-edge research, including herbal and nutritional support for your daily patients as well as to chronic immune challenged patients, will be presented. A complimentary approach to orthodox care and adjunctive nutritional and herbal support will be presented.

Supporting Your Body from the Ground Up: Analysis and Adjusting of the Lower Extremity
Kevin Wong, D.C.
Sponsored by Foot Levelers, Inc.

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