Through its interlibrary loan service, Palmer College students, faculty, and staff in good standing, can obtain items that are not owned by the David D. Palmer Health and Sciences Library.

If you have an interlibrary loan related question, please scroll to the bottom of the page to see contact information for each campus.

If you are ready to make a request, please use the interlibrary loan form.

Interlibrary Loan Service Policies

Palmer's Campus Libraries will borrow items from another library if the campus library

  1. Does not own a print of electronic copy of the requested item, or
  2. If owned, the item has been declared damaged, lost or missing.
  3. Preceptor students may request articles through interlibrary loan. The mail transit time will increase, as the article will travel from library to library, then to your field location.
  4. The library will not borrow books for preceptor students who are unable to pick-up and drop off the at the library's circulation desk.
  5. All patrons must read and abide by the Palmer's College Libraries Interlibrary Loan Policies and the United States Copyright Law.

Interlibrary Loans Fees & Fines

Fees for Book, Dissertations andThesis: No fee for borrowing book, dissertation or thesis.

Fees for Photocopies of Articles/Sections or Chapters of a Book
  1. $2.00 Standard Handling.
  2. $7.00 Rush Handling: sends an article or book section request with a Fax Backto the campus circulation desk.
  3. $17.00 Urgent Handling: sends an article or book section request via Fax with Fax Back to the campus circulation desk.
  4. *Please note that when article titles or citationsare enclosed in brackets, the article is in a foreign language even though the abstract may be in English.Payment of $2.00 is still required at the time of pick-up.
Fees for Copyright/Royalty Payment

Palmer's Campus Libraries must adhere to the laws concerning copyright and Fair Use; this includes the payment of royalties under specificcircumstances. If your request requires the payment of royalties, you will be notified prior to the placement of your order.

Fines for Borrowed Books:

Any fines for either overdue or damaged item(s) assessed by the lending library are the responsibility of the patron.

Fee Payment Information

All patronsare responsible for fee payment at the time of pick up.

  1. Photocopies will be held for one week after the first notification is given.
    1. If items are picked up after one week, abill for fees will be sent to the Business Office for collection.
    2. The item may be up at the campus circulation desk after the fee has been paid.
  2. Preceptor students willreceive an invoice from theBusiness Office for payment.
  3. Patrons authorized to have their home department pay for items may select that option. The department will be billed for the transaction(s) at the end of each month.

Restrictions of Borrowing Items:

Although there are usually no restrictions on the types of items that can be requested through interlibrary loan, many libraries generally will not loan the following types of items:

  1. Non-circulating items such as reference books or rare manuscripts.
  2. Books published within the last year are often not available through interlibrary loan. Many libraries have policies on not lending newly acquired items.
  3. Entireperiodical or journal volumes or issues are not generallyloaned.
  4. Either audio-visual items or computer software is rarely loaned.

Theses & Dissertations

The interlibrary loan department will take all measures to fill a patron’s request for a thesis/dissertation, free of charge, from another library or educational institutions.

  1. When that is not possible, patrons can purchase personal copies of most theses/dissertations directly from UMI Dissertation Express, a commercial vendor which offers an online ordering service for paper copies of thesis and dissertations.
  2. A reduced charge for individuals affiliated with an educational institution is available.

Loan Period, Renewals & Recalls:

The lending library determines the loan period for the items loaned.

  1. All items are to be returned either before or on the checkout due date to the campus circulation desk.
  2. If the item is to berenewed,the library mustknow prior to the due date.
    1. The library will request extending the loan period of the lending library.
    2. One renewal per item may be requested.
    3. The lending library may refuse a renewal, and it is the patron's responsibility to return the item immediately.
  3. The lending library has the right to recall an item at anytime.
    1. All recall items must be returned to the circulation desk immediately.
    2. If the item is still needed, the campus library will attempt to borrow from another library.

Returning a Borrowed Item

Return interlibrary loan items by the due date directly to the campus circulation desk.

  1. Interlibraryloanitems are not to be placed in either book drops or dropped off at any other locationthan the circulation desk.
  2. When returning an interlibrary loan item, inform a library staff member the item being returned was obtained through interlibrary loan.

Frequently Asked Interlibrary Loan Questions

What are Copyright Restrictions?

The Copyright Law of the United States, (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. These include

  1. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purposes other than private study, scholarship, or research."
  2. If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.
  3. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of Copyright Law.
How much time does it take tofill a request?

The time needed to obtain an itemor photocopy can vary considerably.

  1. Patrons are encouraged to place their requests as early as possible and to take advantage of the "NOT WANTED AFTER" portion of the form.
  2. A patron who does not indicate a ‘not wanted after’ date remains liable for charges even if the items arrive too late to be of use.
  3. Delivery of photocopied articles can take anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks.
  4. Factors affecting delivery are, how many libraries own the item, distance from us, and how busy they and the postal service are.
  5. It takes much longer to obtain copies from obscure titles or very old volumes.
  6. The normal range of time it takes to get an article is 1 - 2 weeks.
  7. Books and thesis/dissertations are harder to predict in terms of arrival time.
  8. Most items arrive within 4 weeks of the request.
How am Inotified?

You will be notified when your material has arrived by the method you have selectedon the request form.

Where will I pick up the items?

Items are either checked out or picked up, and returned, at the campus library circulation desk during normal operating hours.

  1. All items must either be checked out or picked up in person.
  2. All items checked out must be returned in person.
  3. All fees are due at the time of pick up.
  4. All photocopies requested by either faculty, staff or graduated students will be mailed to their home department unless other arrangements are made.
How do I check on the status of my requests?

You may call the campus circulation deskduring normal operating hoursor you cansend an e-mail to the campus interlibrary loan desk.

Davenport, Iowa, Campus Interlibrary Loan e-mail 

San Jose, Calif., Campus Interlibrary Loan e-mail 

Port Orange, Fla., Campus Interlibrary Loan e-mail