Step One: Complete an Interview

  1. Click here to log in to your account.
  2. Click “Conduct Interview.”
  3. Pick “Chiropractic Interview“or “Customize Your Own Interview.”
    • Chiropractic Interview – Begin your interview.
    • Customize Your Own Interview – Choose questions from appropriate folders and use the arrows to add or remove questions for your interview; once you are satisfied with questions, click begin. (Note: Six to eight questions will generally take approximately 26 1/2 minutes.)
  4. Select the camera and microphone devices you will be using and click “Test.” (Note: Make sure the settings are appropriate, because you cannot change them after your interview begins.)
  5. Click “Continue” to begin your Interview.
    • Interviewer will ask a question.
    • After a few seconds the web-cam will start recording automatically. You won't see yourself recording your answer. You will want to look into the camera so you will see yourself as the employer would see you.
    • You will have 2 minutes to respond to each question.
  6. Click anywhere in the window to end recording.
  7. Click “Review”, “Retry”, or “Continue.” (Note: When you finish your interview, you will receive an e-mail confirmation message with directions for viewing your interview. You may want to add to your e-mail “safe senders” list to prevent the message from being filtered as junk mail. You also may return to the Interview Stream™ home page to view your interview.)

Step Two: Review Your Interview

  1. Click “Watch Interview.”
  2. Click on each question to see that response.
  3. Record filler words using the "Umm, Like, I mean, You know" calculator.

Step Three: E-mail Interviews to Counselors, Professors, and Friends

  1. Go to “Watch Interview.”
  2. Click on “Request Feedback” link (directly above the "Umm, Like, I mean, You know" calculator).
  3. Enter e-mail address and additional comments.
  4. Click “Submit.” (Note: Once you e-mail your interview to someone, the Palmer Center for Business Development no longer has control of who reviews it.)

If you are not able to access the InterviewStream™ system, please contact the Palmer Center for Business Development at (563) 884-5521 for access. 

*Local students who do not have a web-cam can arrange an appointment to use the computer and web-cam located in the Palmer Center for Business Development by emailing or calling (563) 884-5521. An appointment is necessary to ensure the equipment is available. 

PLEASE NOTE: You, or anyone one else you designate, can view your video on the Web.  Since the video is converted to Flash, the computer needs Adobe Flash Player. Most computers have Flash Player loaded at purchase.  If you don't have it, download it at:;

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