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Palmer Sports Council supports Brotherhood Ride

8/24/2011 (Archived)

On September 11, 2001, a total of 411 emergency service workers who responded to the Twin Towers died as they attempted to rescue people and fight fires. The 4th Annual Brotherhood Ride 2011 is dedicated to the 411 fallen heroes on the 10th anniversary of September 11.

The Brotherhood Ride is an organization entirely comprised of volunteers, who are themselves, emergency responders: firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel. They honor the fallen heroes by riding bicycles more than 1,600 miles in 22 days. The Ride began in North Naples, Fla., on Aug. 20 and ends in New York City on Sept. 11.     FL-SportsCouncil-Brotherhoo.jpg

One of the stops along the Brotherhood Ride route was Port Orange, where the local Elks Lodge 2723 hosted an overnight stay, which included dinner and complimentary chiropractic care provided by Palmer’s Sports Council. Under the leadership of Heather Bowyer, D.C., the Sports Council helped ease the aches and pains from the day's ride and prepare the riders for the following day, a nearly 100-mile ride to Jacksonville, Fla.

Jeffrey Morse, the Brotherhood Ride’s president and founder, expressed his appreciation for the support received from the Port Orange community.

“I can’t thank all of you enough," he said. "We thank the Port Orange Elks for their gracious hospitality and Palmer College and its students for the care and treatment you so generously provide. It will go a long way in helping us complete our mission."

Photo: Members of the Florida Campus Sports Council discuss chiropractic care with Brotherhood Riders.