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Chiropractic Founder’s Day 2011

9/15/2011 (Archived)

IA Founder's Day 2011 DD's doorFounder’s Day was celebrated on Sept. 15 on the Davenport Campus with a wreath-laying in front of D.D. Palmer’s bust in Heritage Court and comments by Davenport Campus Provost Dan Weinert, D.C. Palmer historians Alana Callender, Ed.D., and Julie Knaak (both of the Museum) were also on hand in the Skywalk with D.D. Palmer’s original office door.

“We thought it would be interesting to show people what type of work we do (in historical restoration),” said Ms. Callender, as she and Ms. Knaak cleaned the door’s surface and worked to delicately remove the layer of paint that cover the original state of the door. They know the door was painted in D.D.’s time not only because of a photo of his office but also because home-based paint was available in his era.

IA Founder's Day 2011 Dr. WeinertFounder’s Day is traditionally celebrated on Sept. 18, which was first recognized by Palmer graduate Solon Langworthy in 1906 as the anniversary of the discovery of chiropractic by D.D. Palmer in 1895.