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Palmer pride abounds during Florida Campus Clinic Open House

1/26/2011 (Archived)

City officials, local chiropractors, members of the media, current and former patients and area citizens gathered recently at Palmer's Florida Campus Clinic’s Open House. Designed to showcase the newly renovated clinic to the community, the open house, held on Jan. 20, also provided an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to come together as a team and help introduce the attendees to Palmer College and educate them on chiropractic care.

"I’ve lived in this area for almost 30 years," said a guest named Mary from Port Orange, "but this is the first time I’ve stepped foot in the door. We ride by the Clinic nearly every day. I’ve often said I’d like to find out about chiropractic. I’m so glad I came. The Clinic is beautiful, and your students are absolutely wonderful.”

Clinicians and interns provided tours of the modernized facility, including the patient registration area and treatment modules. Several gave demonstrations of the techniques and tools used in chiropractic treatment.

“I really like these types of events," said Scott, an tenth quarter student. "It’s exciting to make people aware of chiropractic for the first time and to show off our new clinic."

Pride in the newly remodeled clinic abounded as staff and faculty interacted with the guests and each other.

“This was also an opportunity for those on the academic side to join clinic staff in coming together as one to represent Palmer to the community,” said George Bertish, M.B.A., director of Institutional Support.

The Open House was further energized by the remote radio broadcast of the Marc Bernier Show live from the Palmer Clinic. City officials, College and clinic administrators and clinicians all had a turn in being interviewed by Bernier during the event.