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Palmer responds to proposed CCE standards

9/17/2010 (Archived)

Palmer College of Chiropractic is utilizing the official feedback process established by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) related to the review of Draft #2 of the proposed 2012 CCE Standards. As part of its feedback to the Council, Palmer College objects to particular proposed changes to the Standards language and will be asking the CCE to disclose its rationale for:

• removing the term “subluxation”
• removing the phrase “without drugs or surgery” in reference to chiropractic practice
• adding language “DCP or its equivalent” without defining an equivalent degree program
• removing modifying language from its definition of Chiropractic Primary Care Physician that distinguishes a chiropractor from other types of primary care physicians

Palmer College encourages all individuals and groups potentially impacted by changes in accreditation standards to become part of the process by reviewing the current proposal and providing the CCE with specific feedback to the proposed changes.

NOTE: The deadline for providing feedback on this issue is September 24, 2010.

A link to the current draft and a response form are posted on the CCE website at: http://www.cce-usa.org/