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Palmer College Quad City Bank & Trust Endowed Scholarship campaign launched

9/22/2010 (Archived)

In these challenging economic times, Palmer students’ dreams to become chiropractors are being disrupted more and more often by lack of funds. After hearing one such story, a Trustee of The Bechtel Trusts was so moved that he made a three-to-one matching challenge grant of $100,000 to Palmer College. This grant will provide scholarships to meet the immediate financial needs of academically qualified students during the next five years.

Meanwhile, $300,000 will be raised by Palmer College to meet the challenge made by The Bechtel Trusts. These funds will be placed in an endowed scholarship fund to provide for future students’ needs. Quad City Bank and Trust came forward to kick off this challenge with a $50,000 leadership gift to Palmer—the largest single gift to any institution in the bank’s history—at the Davenport Campus Homecoming in August. Because of their generosity and extraordinary participation in helping meet this challenge, the endowment will be known as the Palmer College Quad City Bank & Trust Endowed Scholarship Fund.

The campaign is being launched this fall, and will conclude at the end of May 2011. Once raised, the $300,000 will provide approximately $15,000 each year for scholarships to students, based on financial need and academic achievement. Each scholarship recipient will be given a minimum of $5,000. This means the endowment would be able to help three students each year. If more than $300,000 can be raised, more students will be helped to achieve their dreams of becoming chiropractors. If you are interested in joining Quad City Bank & Trust and supporting this endowment fund, please contact Senior Development Officer Shelley Hammill, M.A., at (800) 722-2586, Ext. 3, Ext. 4, or shelley.hammill@palmer.edu.