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            Palmer College radiology library - contains images with patient histories, findings, 
            and impressions.

Radiological Directories and Associations

Internet Guides and Resources

  • Academic Radiology
    Site lists original reports describing instrumental developments, techniques, and clinical issues.
  • Aunt Minnie
    Commercial website that offers users information on careers, discussions, and general websites on radiology.
  • eMedicine Radiology
    Is the largest and most current clinical knowledge base available to health professionals and physicians.
  • Med Pix-Radiology Teaching Files 
  • MetaTextbook of Pediatric Radiology: Imaging Appearances of Common Pediatric Diseases
    Created by the University of Iowa, this site’s goal is to make the Internet a useful medical reference tool for both pediatric health care providers and patients.
  • Nick's Xray2000 Web Site
    Radiographic images of the human skeleton.
  • RadiologyInfo
    The purpose of this website is to provide users information on the different radiologic procedures and therapies available.Print Books
  • Clinical Imagining: with skeletal, chest, and abdomen pattern differentials/ Marchiori, Dennis. Reserve RC78.7.D53 M367 2005
  • Essential radiology: clinical presentation, pathophysiology, imaging/ by Gunderman, Richard B. RC78 .G85 1998.
  • Essentials of skeletal radiology/by Yochum, Terry A., Rowe, Lindsay J. Reserve RC930.5 .E85 2005
  • Foot and ankle radiology /by Christman, Robert A.  RC951 .C477 2003
  • Fundamentals of diagnostic radiology/by edited by William E. Brant, Clyde A. Helms. REF RC78 .F86 1999
  • Grainger & Allison's diagnostic radiology: a textbook of medical imaging/ by edited by Ronald G. Grainger, David Allison. REF RC78.7.D53 D53 1997
  • Imaging of the shoulder: techniques and applications/ by A.M. Davies, J. Hodler (eds) ; with contributions by V. Baudrez ... [et al.] ; foreword by A.L. Baert.   RC939 .I435 2004
  • Orthopedic radiology: a practical approach / by Greenspan, Adam. REF RD734.5.R33 G74 2000
  • Radiology 101: the basics and fundamentals of imaging/ by editor, William E. Erkonen ; associate editor, Wilbur L. Smith. RC78 .R242 1998
  • Radiology and the law: malpractice and other issues /by Eisenberg, Ronald L. KF2910.R333 E38 2004
  • Merrill's atlas of radiographic positions and radiographic procedures/ by Ballinger, Philip W. REF RC78.4 .B35 2003

Electronic Books

Print Journals

  • Applied Radiology. R895.1 .A61
  • Skeletal Radiology. RC78 .A38
  • Radiology. RC78 .A3

Electronic Journals

Audio Visual

  • Cervical spine-cine radiography studies [videorecording] / Joseph Howe. RZ 251.R33 VI 340
  • The perception of radiation risk [slide] / American Association of Physicists in Medicine/ R895 NSC 202
  • Basic bone radiology [videorecording] / Christopher Kent. R895 .A5 VI 718
  • X-ray technique setting [videorecording] / Joe Albarello.  RZ 251 .R33 VI 184