Davenport Campus Only Apply Now

Application Procedure

Each of the following forms must be completed and fees paid to Student Administrative Services of Palmer College:

Application for Admission
  • Pay $150 fee ($100 evaluation fee and $50 application fee).
  • Complete application for official acceptance as a candidate for the B.S. degree program. (Admittance is approved by the Undergraduate Program Oversight Committee.)
  • Attach official copies of transcripts to application.
  • To ensure concurrent graduation, it is strongly recommended that application to the B.S. degree program is completed prior to the start of the fourth trimester of the D.C. program.
Intent to Graduate
  • Pay $100 graduation and records fee. Complete Intent to Graduate form for final approval of the B.S. degree.
  • To ensure concurrent graduation, the Intent to Graduate form must be completed no later than the end of ninth trimester of the D.C. program.

(Note: Students are allowed one year after their D.C. graduation to complete all requirements.)