Davenport Campus Only

Tuition and Fees

Trimester tuition for students completing courses in the B.S. degree program is $206 per credit hour for the 2013/2014 academic year.

Nonrefundable fees
  • Application $50
  • Evaluation fee $100
  • Graduation and record fee $100
  • Transcript fee (first one provided free) $5

Academic Load

A full-time load for the B.S. degree courses is 12 credits. Students with a credit load below 12 are considered part-time.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for students in the B.S. degree program is dependent upon simultaneous enrollment in the D.C. or A.S.C.T. program. Candidates for the B.S. program must maintain at least half-time enrollment in either the D.C. or A.S.C.T. programs to establish financial aid eligibility. Bachelor of Science degree program expenses are not included in regular D.C. or A.S.C.T. tuition charges. To receive financial aid for B.S. program expenses, special arrangements must be made with the Undergraduate Studies program and the Financial Planning Office. Financial Planning is on the third floor of the Campus Center on the Davenport Campus and can be reached at (563) 884-5740 or (800) 722-2586, Ext. 2.