The Palmer CareerNetwork connects alumni and students with helpful career resources—plus, it’s a free service available 24 hours a day.

Want to view job postings or post a job opportunity?

Want to view job postings or post a job opportunity?
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View Jobs, Practices & Equipment for Sale on the Palmer CareerNetwork.  Post Jobs, Practices & Equipment for Sale on the Palmer CareerNetwork. 

Created exclusively for Palmer alumni and students, Palmer CareerNetwork is an online gateway to: employment opportunities; practices and equipment for sale; the Palmer Professional Network (alumni who mentor students); Optimal Resume (an award-winning suite of career tools including print, web and video resumes, plus online portfolios); Interview Stream (a mock interview program); the Locus practice locator; Business Module registration; and more.

When you were a student, did you have a mentor—someone who guided you on your path to becoming a successful doctor? If you did, you know how valuable mentoring can be. Now, through the Palmer CareerNetwork, you have the opportunity to join the Palmer Professional Network and be a student mentor. You can help current students by sharing your experience as a chiropractor and private practitioner, offering ongoing supportive guidance, and providing brief responses to questions.

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