Locus is one of the new tools provided by The Palmer Center for Business Development. You may access it through the Palmer CareerNetwork. You will find the username and password for the Locus website in the Resource Library section. You will find the link to the Locus website in the Shortcuts section of the home page. 

This sophisticated demographic analysis program is dedicated to helping chiropractic students and alumni find potential practice sites. It uses a concise system of analyzing United States counties and zip codes using the science of demographics. 

According to information from Locus, approximately 30 to 35 percent of post-associate doctors of chiropractic, along with 15 percent of the currently graduating group—for a total of about 50 percent—will be seeking a chiropractic practice location. This requires new graduates to seek the highest potential practice site. Modern marketing tools are now at your fingertips to find the best locations for your future practice. Chiropractic-centric demographics provide the most effective tool for you to use in your search. Palmer College is dedicated to continual enhancement of our practice development program, and we believe you will find this new tool very useful as you plan for practice success after graduation.   

Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census 

Browse population growth and decline, changes in concentrations and patterns of housing development.