Some nine out of every 10 Americans will experience back pain, neck pain or headaches during their lifetime. At the Palmer Clinic, we frequently relieve patients of these spine-related pains. Most people don’t realize that we also are able to help people with a wide variety of other conditions and health issues.

Back Pain

Chiropractors are the recognized experts in relieving back pain of all kinds, whether you just woke up with it or have been living with the pain for years. Numerous research studies have shown that chiropractic is more effective in dealing with back pain than medication or bed rest, and the team of chiropractic experts at our clinic can also advise you on how to prevent back pain through exercise, proper posture and safe lifting techniques.

Neck Pain

At our clinic, we know that life can give you a pain in the neck, and we know just how to relieve neck pain and prevent it from coming back. Our team of experts are trained in diagnosing the cause of your neck pain and relieving it through adjustments, exercises or rehabilitative therapies.


With the prevalence of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops, many more people than ever before are experiencing headaches. At the Palmer Clinic, we see people every day with all types of headache pain. If you suffer from headaches, chiropractors provide natural, drug-free relief from pain.

Other conditions we treat

While many people first come to the Palmer Chiropractic Clinic with back pain, neck pain or headaches, they quickly learn that chiropractic can help with a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints, such as sciatica, fibromyalgia, TMJ disorders and others. In addition, parents often find chiropractic to be helpful in relieving their children’s colic, ear infections, digestive problems and even bedwetting.

The expert chiropractors and student interns at Palmer will take the time to listen to you and can provide advice on nutrition, exercise, stress relief and other wellness factors. Here, we view you as a whole person with a multi-faceted life, not just as a list of symptoms.