Brunch and Learn is an opportunity to participate in an interactive presentation. Speakers may be new D.C.s, seasoned D.C.s, or business experts from the community.The time is limited to one class period and is offered during the Friday break.

Arrive when you can and leave when you must.

Annette Wright-Smith, D.C. – Tuesday, May 6

"How to Start a Practice for $5000 or Less: My Story"

9:20-10:10 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405 

Dr. Annette graduated from Palmer College in 2003. She went on to open Optimum Chiropractic and Wellness in Avondale, Arizona. Most recently she presented at Davenport Campus' SABCA event in January. In May she will share her story of starting a practice. 

Mary Frost, D.C. - Friday, May 23

"Social Media/Marketing"

9:20-10:10 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405 

Please Note: Palmer College of Chiropractic does not endorse or recommend any of the products, services or tactics presented at our Vendor Showcase, Brunch and Learn or Business Module events.  As with all practice purchases and marketing strategies, we suggest conducting thorough research before determining whether something is right for you and your practice.