Brunch and Learn is an opportunity to participate in an interactive presentation. Speakers may be new D.C.s, seasoned D.C.s, or business experts from the community.The time is limited to one class period and is usually offered during the Tuesday or Friday break.

Arrive when you can and leave when you must.

Dr. Tim Cartwright - Tuesday, November 11

Career Opportunities in Michigan and Ohio - "Associate, Start up, or Buy a Practice?"

9:20-10:05 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405 

Dr. Cartwright practiced chiropractic in Michigan for 38 years. More recently, he has been involved in the valuation and sale of practices. Over the years, many doctors have asked him to find an associate for their practice. Dr. Cartwright will be here to talk about all of these things. He is in touch with doctors who have openings for an associate. He knows of practices and properties for sale. Bring your questions. Q & A will be a large part of this event. If you are planning to practice in Michigan or Ohio, you need to hear this talk.

Dr. Mary Frost - Tuesday, November 18

"Business Basics Blitz"

9:20-10:05 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405 

When will I learn about marketing a clinic, choosing a location, and writing a business plan? This informal session will discuss what will be offered in the business curriculum in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th trimesters.  Find out what you can do now to help you succeed in business after graduation.  Topics discussed will be starting a practice, buying a practice, and working as an associate. There will be a drawing for a pregnancy cushion, courtesy of Access Equipment Corp. 

Dr. Cuong Huynh and Dr. Deb Bobendrier - Tuesday, January 20

"Making a Difference Using Social Currency"

9:20-10:05 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405 

A doctor’s personal experience and motivation to pursue a career in chiropractic is of great value to their staff, patients and people in their communities. And connecting with it helps us understand the challenges that new patients feel when making the decision to use our services. Join husband and wife team Dr Cuong Huynh and Dr Deb Bobendrier as they share the reality of their first years in practice and how social currency helped build the future.

Please Note: Palmer College of Chiropractic does not endorse or recommend any of the products, services or tactics presented at our Vendor Showcase, Brunch and Learn or Business Module events.  As with all practice purchases and marketing strategies, we suggest conducting thorough research before determining whether something is right for you and your practice.