Academic Resources, Career Development, Family Health Care and More

Student support at Palmer College is the foundation for developing successful chiropractors in the future. Our supportive environment extends from academic excellence and outstanding clinical experiences to the well-being of our students and their families.

Library resources

We are committed to offering students the most extensive library resources available in the field, including tens of thousands of volumes and journals focused on chiropractic. In addition, our libraries offer audiovisual viewing areas, computer labs and group study areas.

Palmer Center for Business Development

The Palmer Center for Business Development was founded to ensure students' understanding of the business side of the chiropractic profession. It provides education and coaching on core business topics, including finance, marketing and human resource management.

Academic Health Center and clinic system

The Academic Health Center—the newest and most innovative building on Palmer's Davenport Campus—offers state-of-the-art facilities, and, like our clinic system on all of our campuses, benefits our surrounding communities while serving the hands-on learning needs of our students.

Academic support services

Palmer College also provides academic support services and opportunities for enhanced learning for all students, including advising, alternate schedules and coaching in effective study skills.

Healthcare services

We provide students and their family members with chiropractic health care at our campus clinics. We believe in maintaining a caring environment reflective of the Palmer College chiropractic principles.