Palmer College has an obligation to ensure that our community conducts itself in a manner that is safe, honest, and centered around our learning objectives. It is our goal to see our students succeed. If you are experiencing difficulties of an academic or personal nature, it is highly recommended that you contact the Office of Student Learning and Development as soon as possible so that assistance and support can be provided.

In the Palmer College of Chiropractic Academic Policies document, you will find the following:

Section A: Process for Policy Development, Approval, and Administration

Section B: Student Policies

  1. Grades and Quality Points
  2. Academic Standing
  3. Posting of Academic Performance Information
  4. Academic Credit Load
  5. Length of Time Allowed to Complete Academic Course of Study
  6. Withdrawal From the College
  7. Re-Admission
  8. Transfer Students/Advanced Standing
  9. Credit by Examination
  10. Definition of an Academic Year
  11. Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Recipients of Financial Aid
  12. Technical Standards
  13. PCC West Campus Competency Waivers for Visually Impaired Students
  14. Non-discrimination on the Basis of Disability
  15. Student Religious Observances
  16. College Honors
  17. Diploma Presentation
  18. NBCE Exam Eligibility
  19. Military Active-duty Notification
  20. Independent Studies
  21. Academic Integrity
  22. Non-degree Students
  23. Student Participation in Technique and Physiotherapy Laboratory/Practicum Setting
  24. Course Prerequisites and Maintenance
  25. Outside Speakers Sponsored by Student Groups
  26. Definition of a Credit Hour

Section C: Instructional Policies

  1. Academic Course Records
  2. Course Syllabus
  3. Educational Materials
  4. Examinations
  5. Invited Classroom Speakers
  6. Student Attendance
  7. Visitors to Classroom 
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