1. Remove home address on personal checks and business cards.
  2. Place real property in a trust, and list utilities under the name of the trust.
  3. Utilize a private mailbox service to receive all personal mail.
  4. File for confidential voter status or register to vote utilizing mailbox address.
  5. Destroy discarded mail.
  6. Phone lines can be installed in a location other than the person's residence and call-forwarded to the residence.
  7. Place residence rental agreements in another person's name.
  8. The person’s name should not appear on service or delivery orders to the residence.
  9. Do not obtain a mailbox with the United States Post Office.
  10. Mailbox address now becomes the person's official address on all records and in all rolodexes. It may be necessary or more convenient to list the mailbox as "Suite 123" or "Apartment #123" rather than "Box 123".
  11. File a change of address card with the Post Office giving the mail box address as the person's new address. Send postcards [rather than U.S. Post Change of Address cards] to friends, businesses, etc., giving the mailbox address and requesting that they remove the old address from their files and rolodexes.
  12. All current creditors should be given a change of address card to the mailbox address. (Some credit reporting agencies will remove past addresses from credit histories if a request is made. We recommend this be done.)
  13. File a change of address with the state’s department of motor vehicles to reflect the person’s new mail box address. Get a new driver's license with the new address on it. 
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