The College has recognized its legal obligation to make reasonable academic adjustments or accommodations designed to provide overall educational program accessibility and equal educational opportunity for qualified students with disabilities as defined by applicable law.

The College seeks to accommodate qualified students with disabilities on an individual basis. Individuals are provided reasonable and necessary academic adjustments and/or accommodations based upon specific information and assessment data documented by a qualified professional.


This policy applies to students and student applicants with disabilities.


Disability–A “disability” is defined as: 1) a “physical or mental impairment” that “substantially limits” one or more of the “major life activities” of an individual; 2) a record of such impairment; or 3) the perception that one has such impairment.

Administrative Rules


Employment, admissions and educational decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and competence. It is the intent of the College to provide equal opportunities for minorities, women, and disabled individuals.

The College’s employment practices include all aspects of hiring, promotion, assignment, discharge and other terms and conditions of employment.

The College’s admissions and educational practices include all aspects of admissions, orientation, student employment, housing, academic and student programs, discipline and other terms and conditions of enrollment.

Requesting Academic Adjustments/Accommodations

The College makes reasonable academic adjustments for qualified individuals with disabilities, as required by law. Any qualified applicant or student with a disability may request a reasonable academic adjustment in order to perform the academic and technical standards requisite to admissions and/or participation in the College’s educational program and activities. Such requests may be made to any of the Disabilities Services Coordinators: (See Tabs Below) 

Admissions Process

In the admissions process, the College does not discriminate on the basis of a disability. Any information concerning the applicant’s disability provided during the admissions process shall be on a voluntary or optional basis and shall be kept in accordance with state and federal laws relating to confidentiality. No limitations will be placed on the number or proportion of persons with disabilities who may be admitted or enrolled.

Post-Admission Voluntary Self-Identification

After admission of an applicant, the College invites and encourages voluntary self-identification by students with disabilities.

College Sponsored Programs and Activities

Students with disabilities shall have the opportunity to participate in College sponsored programs and activities if they qualify.

Evaluation of Student Academic Achievement

To the extent necessary to accommodate a student with a particular disability, and to the extent deemed reasonable and consistent with the academic program, course examinations and other procedures for evaluating students’ academic achievement will be adapted and administered so as to minimize the functional limitations of the disability and accurately measure the student’s achievement in the course.


The College shall identify resources for personal counseling, academic counseling, or career information services without discrimination on the basis of disability. In particular, qualified students with disabilities will not be counseled toward more restrictive career objectives than are other students with similar interests and abilities. This includes providing factual information about licensing and requirements which all students should become aware of in their pursuit of particular careers.

Financial Planning

In providing financial assistance to qualified students, the College may not provide less assistance, limit eligibility for assistance, or otherwise discriminate on the basis of disability.

Physical Location of Programs

The location of programs within the physical plant will provide equal access to mobility and/or visually impaired students to the extent reasonably possible. The College will strive to incorporate principles of barrier-free design in the renovation of existing buildings or facilities.

Essential Elements Applicable to all Institutional Policies


It is the responsibility of all employees and students to know and comply with this policy and all applicable laws and public ordinances. Further, employees and students are expected to review the proscribed conduct set forth in this policy, as well as, any associated division or department-specific procedures that describe policy implementation practices to ensure a clear understanding of the College’s expectations.

Disciplinary Action

Employees or students found to have conducted themselves in a manner prohibited by this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or dismissal as a student.

Reporting Noncompliance

Filing a Report

Employees And Students 

Employees, students or any other member of the College community should report allegations of noncompliance with this policy to the Office of Institutional Compliance and Quality Assurance through one of the designated individuals named below.

College Officials 

Supervisors, administrators or any other College officials who witness; are directly advised of; or become aware of allegations of noncompliance with this policy are to immediately advise one of the designated individuals named below.

Palmer College of Chiropractic
Earlye Adams Julien, PHR, M.S. Ed., CQIA
Senior Director for Institutional Compliance & Organizational Development
1000 Brady Street
Davenport, IA 52803-5214
phone: (563) 884-5476 

Palmer College of Chiropractic
Lori Larsen, B.A., Lead Coordinator
Also Serving as Compliance Coordinator
Office of Adjudication
1000 Brady Street
Davenport, IA 52803-5214
(563) 884-5246 or (800) 722-2586 

Palmer College of Chiropractic
William DuMonthier, D.C., Dean of Student Academic Affairs
Also Serving as Compliance Coordinator
Office of Student Academic Affairs
90 E. Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134-1617
(408) 944-6062 

Palmer College of Chiropractic
Cheryl Shaw, B.S., Human Resources Manager
Also Serving as Compliance Coordinator
4777 City Center Parkway
Port Orange, FL 32129-4153
(386) 763-2665 


The College shall maintain the confidentiality of the information they receive, except where disclosure is required by law, policy or is necessary to facilitate legitimate College processes, including the investigation and resolution of allegations.

The identity of participants in an investigation shall be maintained in confidence subject to the same limitations above.

Individuals who have reported questionable behavior or who have initiated or participated in the complaint procedures available are advised their identity may be known for reasons beyond the control of college officials or investigators.


Because of the inherent difficulty in investigating and resolving allegations from unidentified persons, the College discourages individuals from making anonymous reports of improper conduct. However, should the College receive an anonymous report, such report will be reviewed to determine the appropriateness and/or feasibility of a response.


The College strictly prohibits retaliation or reprisal of any kind against an individual who has reported questionable behavior or who has initiated or participated in the complaint procedures available. Allegations of retaliation shall constitute separate grounds upon which a complaint may be raised under this policy.

Reporting False Claims 

Any individual who makes a claim under this policy in bad faith, or knows or has reason to know that such claim is false or materially inaccurate, shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.


The College may determine an allegation of noncompliance with this policy requires an investigation. No one other than the appointed investigator will be allowed to conduct an investigation on behalf of the College. The College may impose any appropriate measures on an interim basis where there is a reasonable cause to believe that such action is needed for the health, safety or welfare of members of the College community or to avoid disruption to the work/educational environment including student suspension or employee administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Violation of Law and College Policies

Noncompliance with the College’s policies includes any behaviors covered under applicable laws. Individuals engaging in illegal activities may subject themselves to criminal penalties under the law.

Disciplinary proceedings may be instituted against an individual that potentially violates both the criminal law and the College’s policies (that is, if both possible violations result from the same factual situation) without regard to the pendency of civil or criminal litigation. Proceedings under this policy may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following a civil or criminal proceeding at the discretion of the Chief of Compliance or designee. Determinations made or disciplinary actions imposed under this policy shall not be subject to change because criminal charges arising out of the same facts giving rise to violation of the College’s policies were dismissed, reduced or resolved in favor of or against the criminal law defendant.

When a student or employee is charged by federal, state or local authorities with a violation of law, the College will not request or agree to special consideration for that individual because of his or her status as a student or employee with the College. If the alleged offense is also being processed under College policy, the College may advise legal authorities of the existence of the College’s policies and how such matters are typically handled within the College community.

Important Contacts: (See Tabs Below)

Davenport, Iowa, Campus

Ann Margrave, D.C., Senior Director of Student Academic Support
Also Serving as Disability Services Coordinator
Student Academic Support Centers
1000 Brady Street
Davenport, IA 52803
(563) 884-5257, fax (563) 884-5244 

San Jose, Calif., Campus

William DuMonthier, D.C.
Dean of Student Academic Affairs
Also Serving as Disability Services Coordinator
Office of Student Academic Affairs
90 E. Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
(408) 944-6062 

Port Orange, Fla., Campus

Jairus Brown
Academic Counselor
4777 City Center Parkway
Port Orange, FL 32129-4153
(386) 763-2780 

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