Sports and workplace injuries, as well as general wear and tear, require an individualized treatment plan to return you to an improved quality of life. Palmer’s specially trained doctors will supervise your care, focusing on stability, range of motion, balance, endurance and pain reduction. They also advise on ergonomics and injury prevention. Services in this area include strengthening, stretching and balancing exercises; specialized soft tissue techniques for sports injuries and joint pain relief; and therapies such as spinal disc traction, muscle stimulation, hydrotherapy, ultrasound and cold laser treatments.

These services are offered at all of the Palmer Chiropractic Clinic locations in the communities of Palmer’s three campuses.

  • On the Davenport Campus, the Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Department is located in the lower level of the Academic Health Center, 1000 Brady St., Davenport (parking available off Perry Street).
  • On the West Campus, rehabilitation and sports injury services are available through the clinic located in the campus building at 90 E. Tasman Dr., San Jose.
  • On the Florida Campus, rehabilitation and sports injury services are available in the outpatient clinic in the Allen Green Civic Center, 4705 Clyde Morris Blvd., Port Orange.
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