No Tolerance for Sexual Violence

Palmer College of Chiropractic understands the threat of sexual assault or sexual violence is a reality on college campuses and throughout society. The College recognizes the seriousness of all sexual assaults, including those commonly designated as acquaintance rape between persons who already know one another, however casually. Sexual assault is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. It will be adjudicated to the fullest extent afforded to the College.

Definition of Sexual Violence

Sexual violence occurs when one person forces sexual contact upon another person by using one or more of the following:

  • Aggression
  • Threats and/or manipulation
  • Pressure
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Physical force
  • Unwelcome persistence

If it Happens to You

If you have been a victim of sexual violence, it is important for you to report it without fear. The College is committed to treating any and all sexual assaults seriously, and to helping you maintain your dignity and receive just treatment.

  • You will not be pressured to suppress a sexual assault report.
  • You will not be made to think that you are somehow responsible for the commission of the crime against you, or that you assumed the risk of being assaulted by reason of circumstances, dress or behavior, or that the College would incur unwanted publicity if the sexual assault was reported.
  • You have the right to your body and to decide what happens to you. Forcing or pressuring someone to engage in sexual contact is a violation of that right and of College policy. No matter what you were wearing, how late you were out, if you were drinking, where you were, if you were in a prior relationship with your assaulter or had previous sexual involvement with your assaulter, how well you know the person or how much you trusted the person—it was not your fault.

Speak up and Tell Someone

If you are on campus and need assistance, call Campus Security.
If you are off campus and need assistance, call 911 or local police.
Tell Campus Security, Counseling Services and/or the Office of Adjudication.

Talk to your parents or a friend. Do not be afraid to come forward. The College will take your complaint seriously, inform you of your options, and take action against anyone who threatens you or retaliates against you for reporting. If you don’t want to talk to the police or anyone on campus, call your local 24-hour crisis hotline—it is important that you talk to someone.

Rape and sexual violence resources and 24-hour crisis lines are available nationally and locally for all three Palmer campuses.  

Lower Your risk of Becoming a Victim

On a college campus, everyone is at risk of becoming a victim of sexual assault—dating violence and acquaintance assault, like other forms of violence, have no ethnic, economic or gender boundaries. Following are some tips to lower your risk.

  • Know that you have the right to set limits and to communicate these limits clearly and consistently. It is also imperative to listen to and respect the limits of others.
  • Speak up and be assertive. If a situation feels uncomfortable or you are uncertain about something, trust your instincts and remove yourself from that situation.
  • Trust your gut instinct. If you get a bad feeling about a situation, it is probably for a good reason. Don’t worry about what other people think. Trust your feelings and try to get out of the situation as soon as you feel uncomfortable.
  • Think when you drink. Remember that alcohol and drugs can interfere with your ability to assess situations and to communicate effectively. Use the buddy system, whenever possible, at parties and clubs.

More information 

Help is at Hand

Many assaulters know that their victims may be deterred from reporting the crime or seeking support because they were drinking or using drugs and fear that they will be punished, particularly if a victim is underage or is in violation of a school’s code of conduct.

Victims may also think that their story of abuse will not be believed and that police cannot help. They might be ashamed or embarrassed. Survivors sometimes keep quiet because they have been threatened with further harm if they tell anyone.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, we want to know about it so that the victim can get the care and attention she or he needs.

Sexual Assault is a Crime

The College views sexual offenses with the utmost seriousness and coordinates many services to support and assist survivors of sexual assault/misconduct. We will provide you with information regarding criminal prosecution and case referrals to the student conduct system. Above all else, we want you to know that you are not alone.

Sexual assault is illegal under state and federal law and is prohibited by the College. The College has a specific policy and procedure to deal with it. If you believe you are a victim of sexual assault, know what happened was not your fault and know you should do what is best for you.

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