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Sports Clubs Program

The Sports Clubs Program on the Davenport, Iowa, Campus provides a variety of opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and their families to learn a new sport, keep fit, and compete in local leagues or against other university clubs or varsity teams. Sports clubs conduct demonstrations, play in local leagues and may compete in regional and national championships.

A sports club is a registered student organization administered through Student Services. A sports club is formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a favorite sport activity. Sports clubs at Palmer are “student organizations” run by student officers and members with a faculty/staff advisor. Anyone in the Palmer community is welcome to participate. For general club and recreation information, contact Ron O'Brien at (563) 884-5856 or obrien_r@palmer.edu.

For specific information about a club's next practice, contact the club president 
Rugby   Phone Email 
 Luke Stringer 563-468-8373 luke_stringer@hotmail.com 
 Drew Ruebbelke   drewruebbelke@gmail.com 
Women's Rugby       
Coach alissa knigge    leaknigge@gmail.com 
Pres Leslie Mitzel   lesliemitzel@gmail.com 
 Matt Carroll 563-549-0668 mathew.carroll@1897.palmer.edu 
 Wayne Horak 319-290-7968 wayne.horak@palmer.edu 
 Josh Lichty            563-203-0532 joshthomas18@hotmail.com 
Women's Soccer       
 Mikhaila Wesiter 920-850-5566 mikhaila.weister@palmer.edu 
 Courtny Linn 563-349-7738 courtney.linn@palmer.edu 
Men's Soccer       
 James Stegmeier 815-440-6807 james.stegmeier@1897.palmer.edu 
 Joshua Oberley 360-791-5705 joshua.oberley@1897.palmer.edu 
 Lorena Wenger 605-830-0439 laredo520@hotmail.com 
 Jordan Mann 815-564-8242 jermann23@hotmail.com 
 Elizabeth Pfeiffer 920-980-6543 elizabeth.pfeiffer@palmer.edu 
 Erica Smothers 319-3268 eesmothers@gmail.com 
Golf     erica.smothers@palmer.edu 
 Alex Helmich 712-299-4306 alex.helmich@palmer.edu 
 Chris Schumann 402-677-4165 christopher.schuma@palmer.edu 


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