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“I have a huge passion and high sense of mission to educate several millions of Ghanians and Africans on true wellness and the principles and holistic benefits of chiropractic care,” says Afua.
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For Amanthi, a third trimester student at Palmer’s Davenport Campus from Colombo, Sri Lanka, her amazing journey actually began when she started her studies at Palmer.
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Brianne Wade thumb 


At just 21 years old, Brianne was facing a hysterectomy.
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Cameron Stewart

From 2002 to 2008, Cameron was a Navy Hospital Corpsman serving alongside the Marines where he attained the rank of 2nd class Petty Officer, Fleet Marine Force.
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Corey Harrington thumb 


Palmer College of Chiropractic student talks about being a former paramedic and choosing a career in the field of chiropractic.
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jennifer labit 


Jennifer’s journey embodies the essence of the phrase, “Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together."
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Jonathan Parham thumb 


Leaders come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and Jonathan is a great example.
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Kaitlin Overman thumb 


For Kaitlin, a 13th quarter student on Palmer’s San Jose, Calif., campus, traveling to Fiji to provide chiropractic care was eye-opening and challenging and worth every minute.
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Katie - Thumb 


My chiropractic story is a little different than most. I did not grow up with chiropractic care and never thought in a million years this would be my career five years ago.
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Kristina Bemis thumb 

Kristina Bemis

Kristina had her first adjustment, within minutes of being born, from her father, Dr. Frank Bemis. When she graduates in June 2015, she’ll be the ninth chiropractor in her family, and the first woman chiropractor. She’s part of the fourth generation of Bemis chiropractors.
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natalie lawrin 

Natalie Lawrin

Natalie grew up in Michigan and was pursuing a Doctor of Osteopathy degree from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.
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Sarah Fulco - thumb 

Sarah Fulco

When you grow up in the glow of the bright lights of Las Vegas, and are blessed with an operatic voice that wows audiences in performances of classic arias, your life seems destined for stage and stardom.
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William - Thumb 


For as long as William can remember, he has “always attained the heart to help and care for others and had a genuine desire to be in the health field.” But it was his mother’s experience that led him to chiropractic.
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Becca thumb 


Becca grew up in a medically-oriented family in her hometown of Mississauga, Ontario, and as her college years approached, she considered a variety of career paths, including obstetrics, physical therapy and ultrasound.
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ayo thumb 


When most people see a park bench, it reminds them of a family barbecue, or a memorable day relaxing in the outdoors.