Lead the chiropractic profession through: loving, learning, growing and serving Palmer College of Chiropractic and the community.

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The Henry C. Vogt Endowed Scholarship fund was established to recognize those leaders at Palmer College of Chiropractic who exhibited exemplary academic achievement and contributed to both Palmer and the community through extra-curricular activity participation. Upon receiving the scholarship, leaders are accepted into the Vogt Leadership Society and become distinguished representatives on campus.

The scholarship fund was permanently endowed with a generous gift from the Cornelia S. Vogt estate. Mrs. Vogt served the chiropractic profession by working alongside her husband, Dr. Henry C. Vogt. Dr. Vogt graduated from Palmer College in 1910 and practiced in California. Throughout his dedicated chiropractic career, Dr. and Mrs. Vogt financially supported Palmer College. They spent their lives serving others and left their entire estate to benefit others. Palmer College received one-half of the estate, which totaled approximately $1.6 million dollars.

“Dr. Vogt served 61 years in his chiropractic profession to which he was deeply dedicated. One of my many cherished memories is the years that we worked together side by side. To all the faculty of Palmer College of Chiropractic and students comes my wish that you will continue your excellent service to your patients for many years in the future.”—from a letter written by Cornelia S. Vogt to Palmer College in 1987.

The Vogt Leadership Medallion

The overall shape of the design is circular, and our circle is circumscribed with the words “Vogt” and “Leadership.” These words serve to both identify us and stress the leadership aspect. Within the outer circle is our inner circle of direction, replete with the four aspects that the Vogt Leadership Society focuses on (in clockwise order from the top): Growing, Loving, Serving and Learning. “Growing” is symbolized by the waxing crescent, the phase of the moon as it approaches fullness. “Loving” is symbolized by the purple heart and is physically nearest the heart of all Vogt members who wear it. The open hands for “Serving” symbolize openness and readiness to accept new members, alumni members, and the chiropractic profession. The last quadrant is a scroll with the letter “P” presented on it. Scrolls classically have knowledge implications, and this scroll is no exception. At the center of the circle is the chiropractic angel, the symbol of our profession. 

The Vogt Professionalism Pledge

In 2007 the Vogt Leadership Society developed a Professionalism Pledge to help promote and encourage professionalism on campus and in the community. The pledge is presented to students in first and sixth trimester as an opportunity to pledge to themselves and their colleagues to follow the principles of professionalism listed.

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We hope to reconnect with many of you and allow you to see what the Vogt Leadership Society is continuing to do at Palmer College of Chiropractic. We invite your feedback and comments regarding the website and the newsletter. It is our intention to try and develop relationships with our alumni of this prestigious group as we continue to grow as leaders in the profession. We thank you for your time and feedback.
Please contact us with questions, concerns and updates by email at: vogt@palmer.edu