1. Full text of Identity Statement and Chiropractic Pillars

Identity Statement 

The primary care professional for spinal health and well-being.

Chiropractic Pillars 

Doctors of Chiropractic:

  • Integrate evidence, clinical experience, and patient values and preferences
  • Deliver expert chiropractic adjustments, manipulation and other manual treatments
  • Embody a tradition of caring, effectiveness and patient satisfaction
  • Collaborate and coordinate care with other health professionals
  • Enhance patient quality of life and performance
  • Promote vitality, wellness and patient empowerment
  • Improve quality of life without drugs or surgery
  • Offer readily accessible care

2. An article by Dr. Dennis Marchiori titled “Toward a Mainstream Chiropractic Identity” in the Jan. 15, 2013 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic.

3. A paper briefly summarizing the technical methods and results from focus groups and surveys of practicing D.C.s, patients and the public.

4. An article on the Palmer identity project from the Fall 2012 issue of Palmer's Insights alumni magazine.