Born to be a chiropractor

kristina bemis speaking Kristina Bemis had her first adjustment, within minutes of being born, from her father, Dr. Frank Bemis. When she graduates in June 2015, she’ll be the ninth chiropractor in her family, and the first woman chiropractor. She’s part of the fourth generation of Bemis chiropractors.

“Chiropractic hasn’t just been a career choice for many of my family members, it’s been a way of life,” she said. “My chiropractic story isn’t just about me and the journey I’ve taken to get here, it involves all of the men in my family before me who collectively have helped thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people through their healing hands and by spreading the word of chiropractic.” 

Helping others came naturally to Kristina, who began volunteering at the age of seven when her hometown needed people to fill sandbags to save the downtown from flooding. “As I got older, I kept the passion for helping people. Deciding to become a chiropractor was easy,” she said.

There was never a question of where she would get her chiropractic education. “Not only is Palmer ‘The Fountainhead’ of chiropractic, but my family name has deep roots and history here,” she said.  “My great-grandfather graduated from this school in 1915 and began a tradition that’s still going strong 100 years later.”

At Palmer, Kristina quickly took on leadership roles in several organizations. She was selected as a member of the Vogt Leadership Society and became president of the Palmer Student Alumni Foundation. Additionally, she is a co-leader of a new Palmer organization called Operation Palmer Promotes Play, which is raising money to refurbish a local park used by underprivileged children.

“I’m proud of Palmer and the traditions it stands for,” Kristina said.  “I’m a student leader and I’ll continue to be a voice for the student body while keeping the success and prosperity of Palmer College of Chiropractic in the forefront.”