Nadine Brinton LargePrior to initiating the career path steps that ultimately brought her to Palmer’s San Jose, Calif., Campus, Nadine served five years of active military duty as a Russian linguist. During her tenure, she carried a machine gun, wore a helmet and bulletproof vest (filled with ammunition), and survived several severe vehicle accidents as a convoy driver in Iraq. By the time Nadine received an honorable discharge in 2005, her body was painfully contorted. She credits chiropractic care for providing relief from the previously perpetual pain.

“Saying that chiropractic changed my life is an understatement,” says Nadine, a Ukiah, Calif., native. “It wasn’t until I was adjusted by a chiropractor near my hometown (Dr. Richard Naval, a 1996 San Jose, Calif., Campus alumnus) that I experienced relief and actually felt like a woman in her twenties again. His professional style and smooth adjustments stimulated the thought that maybe I could be just as proficient and smooth at adjusting as Dr. Naval if I also attended Palmer.”

Before making her final decision, Nadine was introduced to several other local Palmer graduates, including other San Jose, Calif., Campus alumni.

“Their skills were just as impressive. Plus, they all had fond memories of their time at Palmer,” said Nadine, who earned her B.S. (clinical nutrition) from UC-Davis in 2009, prior to commencing her chiropractic studies at Palmer. “The combination of their positive experiences and the Bay Area location motivated me to choose Palmer’s San Jose, Calif., Campus. I have never thought twice about that decision. Now I look forward to the opportunity of helping others experience the life-changing health benefits of chiropractic care—just as it changed my life.”

Nadine serves as a Campus Guide and is excited to be entering the clinic phase of her chiropractic education.

In the photo: Nadine (left) and Brigadier General Becky Halstead (Ret.) during the general’s visit to Palmer’s San Jose, Calif., Campus.