For as long as William can remember, he has “always attained the heart to help and care for others and had a genuine desire to be in the health field.” But it was his mother’s experience that led him to chiropractic.

“My mother suffered injuries from a serious car accident and sustained further injuries later on in life,” says William, a Florida native who attended Florida State University, majoring in Exercise Physiology. “Watching my mother visit various physicians and specialists who were threatening to amputate her leg motivated me to do well in school so that one day I would be able to help her get better.”

Eventually, William’s mother was referred to a chiropractor. Between chiropractic care and working with a physical therapist to help her relearn how to walk, she still has both legs and “has made a large transformation.”

“Witnessing her make healthy decisions and taking a natural approach to improving her health sparked my interest in chiropractic.”

William discovered Palmer College of Chiropractic after searching “chiropractic” on Google.

“After a little research on chiropractic and finding out about Palmer being The Fountainhead, it was a very easy decision,” says William. “After living in Florida all my life and planning to stay as close as possible to my hometown, I chose Palmer’s Port Orange, Fla., Campus. While I was a prospective student for Palmer, I was able to visit the campus for a day, and I was so impressed with the facilities and the faculty. They convinced my family and I that, without a doubt, it was the right environment and that I would feel right at home.”

When asked if Palmer has lived up to his expectations, William says it definitely has.

“It’s exceeded my expectations. I should be more than prepared after graduation,” he says. “My instructors have all been accessible and interested in helping me succeed. Faculty members have stopped me outside of class just to ask how I’m doing and be supportive.”

William decided early on that he wanted to be involved on campus. “From the first time I stepped on campus, I had the desire to be part of the Sports Council,” he says. He now has the Academic Relations position with the Executive Sports Council Committee.

While only in his fourth quarter at Palmer, William plans to remain in Florida after he graduates.

“My interest is to deal with various athletes and sports related injuries,” says William. “I plan to work towards being certified in extremities and sports. My goal is to be involved in the community and give back in whatever ways that I can. With education comes responsibility, and I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to touch lives in a positive manner.”