Staying Financially FIT

We care about your future success. That’s why we created the Financially FIT program. The program works in tandem with the Office of Financial Planning and the Palmer Center for Business Development to help you minimize debt, maximize resources and have a solid financial plan after graduation.

Through interactive seminars, personal counseling sessions and various workshops, we help you identify your financial goals for each academic year and beyond. You’ll create a plan and get moving in the right financial direction, right from the beginning.

All students are automatically enrolled in the program from the time you enroll until you graduate. We encourage you to participate in the events and take advantage of these resources!


It’s a win-win for you. By participating in the Financially FIT program, you not only improve your financial fitness, but you also qualify for multiple scholarship drawings varying from $1,000 up to one-half of a trimester/quarter standard tuition.

Best of all – it’s FREE!

Program overview

Davenport campus Financially FIT events

Congratulations to the following students for winning the Fall 2017 FIN FIT Scholarship drawings: Adam Duress, Grace Irwin, Alexandria Geisz, Grace Lee and Curtis Kempel. Be sure to get involved with the FIN FIT program and maybe you can be the big winner next trimester!

Spring 2018 FIN FIT Week is April 30 - May 4 and the FIN FIT Sessions will begin on May 4. Check the monitors around campus, the Financial Planning Office as well as the bulletin board by the skywalk for all details.

Contact with any questions regarding the FIN FIT program.

Florida campus Financially FIT events

The Spring 2018 quarter FIN FIT week activity and sessions details coming soon!

West campus Financially FIT events

The Spring 2018 quarter FIN FIT week activity and sessions being held in late April!

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