A curriculum agreement is established as a curriculum guideline to facilitate students’ transfer from an undergraduate institution to the D.C. Program on any of Palmer's campuses.

If your institution is not listed and would like to be, please contact our Articulation Officer.

School NameStateIAFLCA
NorthWest Arkansas Community CollegeARXXX
Central Arizona CollegeAZXXX
Mohave Community CollegeAZXXX
American River (Los Rios CC District)CAXXX
Butte CollegeCAXXX
Canada CollegeCAXXX
College of MarinCAXXX
College of the SiskiyousCAXXX
Fresno City CollegeCAXXX
Grossmont CollegeCAXXX
Laney CollegeCAXXX
Reedley CollegeCAXXX
San Diego City CollegeCAXXX
Santa Rosa Junior CollegeCAXXX
Shasta CollegeCAXXX
West Valley CollegeCAXXX
Northeastern Junior CollegeCOXXX
Pikes Peak Community CollegeCOXXX
Everglades UniversityFLXXX
Florida National UniversityFLXXX
Gulf Coast state CollegeFLXXX
Palm Beach state CollegeFLXXX
Des Moines Area Community CollegeIAXXX
Ellsworth Community CollegeIAXXX
Hawkeye Community CollegeIAXXX
Iowa Lakes Community CollegeIAXXX
Iowa Valley Community College DistrictIAXXX
Marshalltown Community CollegeIAXXX
North Iowa Area Community CollegeIAXXX
Northwest Iowa Community CollegeIAXXX
Southeastern Community CollegeIAXXX
Southwestern Community CollegeIAXXX
Western Iowa Tech Community CollegeIAXXX
Elgin Community CollegeILXXX
Frontier Community College (Illinois Eastern CC)ILXXX
Harper CollegeILXXX
Heartland Community CollegeILXXX
Illinois Central CollegeILXXX
Illinois Eastern Community CollegesILXXX
Illinois Valley Community CollegeILXXX
Lewis & Clark Community CollegeILXXX
Lincoln Trail College (Illinois Eastern CC)ILXXX
Olney Central College (Illinois Eastern CC)ILXXX
Rock Valley CollegeILXXX
Sauk Valley Community CollegeILXXX
Wabash Valley College (Illinois Eastern CC)ILXXX
Cloud County Community CollegeKSXXX
Highland Community CollegeKSXXX
Hutchinson Community CollegeKSXXX
Labette Community CollegeKSXXX
Bristol Community CollegeMAXXX
Holyoke Community CollegeMAXXX
Northern Essex Community CollegeMAXXX
Bay CollegeMIXXX
Grand Rapids Community CollegeMIXXX
Hillsdale CollegeMIXXX
Macomb Community CollegeMIXXX
Bergen Community CollegeNJXXX
Ocean County CollegeNJXXX
University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeWIXXX