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You’ll have a lot of questions as you start exploring a chiropractic career. You might be trying to figure out if the chiropractic field is the best choice for you. You’re probably wondering how much to budget for your degree, or what kind of salary you can expect to earn once you graduate.

If you’re trying to decide if chiropractic – and Palmer – are the right choices for you, the documents below will serve as excellent resources.

Chiropractic Starter Guide

The Chiropractor Starter Guide

Thinking about a career in chiropractic? Download our Starter Guide and begin exploring the profession.

Consider Palmer

Fundamental information such as, Palmer's mission, vision and values

Fundamental information about Palmer College of Chiropractic, such as Palmer’s mission, vision and values, potential career paths, admissions standards and chiropractic facts.

Recommended Courses for Future Students

Recommended Courses for Future Students

Suggested undergraduate courses for students preparing to enter chiropractic school.

Prospective Student Curriculum Checklist

a checklist that covers the Palmer curriculum

Explore the topics covered in Palmer’s Doctor of Chiropractic curriculum.

How to Apply Checklist

Admissions Checklist for Future Palmer Students

Confirm if you have completed all the necessary admission requirements through this helpful admission checklist.

Chiropractic School Comparison Chart

Chiropractic School Comparison Chart

Checklist and comparison chart of the attributes held by the chiropractic colleges you’re considering.

Financial Planning Checklist

Financial Planning Checklist

Information to help future Palmer students plan their finances effectively.

Sports Chiropractic Infographic

Sports Chiropractic Infographic

Interested in sports chiropractic and rehabilitation? Check out the facts!

Corporate Chiropractic Infographic

Corporate Chiropractic Infographic

Looking for more information on a career as a corporate chiropractor? Take a look into corporate chiropractic and the key to employee wellness.

History of Palmer College Infographic

History of Palmer College Infographic

Explore chiropractic’s historical timeline.

Value of a Palmer education

Value of a Palmer Education

Learn why receiving a Palmer education not only gives you the best technical foundation but an unparalleled reputation.

Palmer College of Chiropractic Catalog


Our catalog includes admissions information, such as prerequisites, tuition and financial aid.

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