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*IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING Palmer Online courses. The October-December term officially ends on December 31, however, due to our holiday break if your class is not completed by Wednesday, December 21 you will not get your certificate of completion until the first week of January, 2018. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.

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Many states now accept the convenient option of online learning for license renewal credit. Please check with your state board or the Continuing Education and Events Department regarding approvals. Due to varying state rules and regulations, we recommend inquiring with your state board for online credit limitations and board acceptance of topics for CE hours.

Courses begin quarterly, however you may begin a course at any time. If you begin a course at the start of a quarter, you will have the entire three months to complete the work. If you begin a course in the middle of a quarter, you will have until the end of that quarter to complete the work.

Course Information
CourseHoursPriceInstructorCourse Description
Basic Concepts of Biomechanics3$59James DeVocht, D.C., M.S., Ph.D.Basic concept course containing information on moments, spinal characteristics and biomechanics treatment.
Chiropractic Evaluation6$119Tracey Littrell, D.C., DACBRComponents of history taking, physical exam, systems, review and exam procedures indicated in orthopedic presentations.
Clinical Imaging12$199Tracey Littrell, D.C., DACBRRoentgenometrics, congenital variants, scoliosis, arthritides, trauma, tumors, X-ray basics for quality imaging and safety/boundary considerations.
Foundational Imaging Concepts6$119Tracey Littrell, D.C., DACBRRoentgenometrics and congenital variants, trauma, scoliosis, arthritides and imaging principles for MRI and CT.
Documentation4$79Laurie Mueller, D.C.General course on record keeping and managing risk in practice with appropriate documentation. Contains a section on lumbar disc injury that the three-hour course does not include.
Documentation3$59Laurie Mueller, D.C.General course on record keeping and managing risk in practice with appropriate documentation.
Electrodiagnostics Overview4$79Ron Boesch, D.C., DACNB, DABQAURP, DAAPMOverview of electrodiagnosis in chiropractic practice. Concepts, equipment, anatomy, injuries, EMG, NCV, surface EMG and evoked potential.
Evidence-informed Practice/Case Writing3$59Lisa Killinger, D.C.This course helps D.C.s to better understand available evidence, describes how to engage in a successful literature retrieval process and provides the building blocks needed for writing an effective case study.
Healthy Aging4$79Lisa Killinger, D.C.Issues and concept surrounding the geriatric population and how we can promote healthy aging.
Iowa Laws and Rules2$39Laurie Mueller, D.C.Specific for Iowa license renewal. Review current code for the practice of chiropractic in the state of Iowa.
Laboratory Analysis4$79Ron Boesch, D.C., DACNB, DABQAURP, DAAPMBasic hematology, CBC, chemistries and blood panels, basic urinalysis and studies for bowel issues. Special studies in genetics and cancer, DOT considerations.
Neurological Assessment and Interpretation4$79Ron Boesch, D.C., DACNB, DABQAURP, DAAPMReview of neuroanatomy, functional anatomy, selected components of neuronal functions and the neurological exam.
Orthopedics Assessment6$119Henry Mueller, D.C., DACOMajor components, rationale and procedures of chiropractic orthopedic evaluations by region.
OSHA2$39Laurie Mueller, D.C.General overview along with more focused information on bloodborne pathogens and spill decontamination.
Physiological Therapeutics4$79Michael Tunning, D.C., M.S., ATCConcepts in active care exercise by body region, passive care modalities, case study scenarios.
Professional Boundaries/Ethics3$59Laurie Mueller, D.C.Sexual harassment, cultural sensitivity, practice ethics
Risk Management and Georgia Laws5$99Laurie Mueller, D.C.Specific for Georgia license renewal. Record keeping and managing risk in practice with appropriate documentation pluse one hour of review of the current code for the practice of chiropractic in te state of Georgia.
Risk Management and Record Keeping12$199Laurie Mueller, D.C.Record keeping and managing risk in practice with appropriate documentation.
Technique Overview/Theories4$79Henry Mueller, D.C., DACOTechnique history and the emergence of technique. Basic concepts for HVLA, instrument, mobilization, low force/reflex and upper cervical adjusting.

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