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March 10-11, 2018
Common Female Reproductive Disorders and the Biochemistry That Drives Them
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C. and David Seaman, D.C. 
Dr. Sirchio-Lotus and Dr. David Seaman will cover Classification and Description of common Women’s Reproductive Disorders.  PCOS, endometriosis, fertility complications, metabolic syndrome and more will be thoroughly covered. Symptomatology, diagnosis and testing will be covered. Thorough approach to the biochemistry (cellular, cytokine and hormonal mediation) behind what drives the conditions covered.   What drives the inflammation, endocrine disruption and disease presentation as well as what steps can be taken to help patients achieve a best diagnosis and treatment plan. 

April 28-29, 2018
Women's Health Issues (Diagnosis & Treatment) Over the Lifetime Continuum & How the Medical Field is Advancing Their Approach
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C., Navpreet Singh, M.D. and Malika Baig, M.D. The Timeline of Women’s Health.  This portion of the course will cover the history to the present of Women’s Health and what makes a different approach necessary to best care for Women’s Issues.  Why looking at health care through one human lens tend to harm women and/or delay proper care to them.  A timeline of women’s primary health conditions will cover the continuum of birth-childhood-adolescence-reproductive years- postmenopausal years and aging.  The Medical profession and its approach to Women’s health care.  What recent changes within the medical field have been made that will improve treatment and diagnosis time for the female patient.  The view point from OBGYN of how and what male doctors, as well as female doctors that have never birthed, can do to offer best care within the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Baig, the director of Women’s Health for Medspiration, will share information on what is happening within women’s health across the globe as well as within our US healthcare system.  How to incorporate better education to women for best self-advocacy.  

May 12-13, 2018
The Road to Conception; How to Protect Fertility and Recover from Infertility: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C. and Jeanie Bussell, L.Ac., Ph.D.
This entire weekend is a deep dive into fertility and infertility.  It will address the normal structure and physiology of the female reproductive system.  From menarche through adolescence and main family planning years; common conditions will be covered as well as evaluation, diagnostic methods and treatment protocols.  Ms. Bussell will cover fertility and infertility from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  History and physical taking, common conditions and methods of treatment and healing will be covered.  Reproductive Endocrinology will take a broad introduction into the allopathic diagnosis and treatments of common fertility issues.  Frequently used medications and their intended purposes, labs and imaging, treatments (from conservative to aggressive) as well as best methods for co- managing these patients.   

June 16-17, 2018
Preconceptive Health: Correcting Hormone Imbalances, Lifestyle Choices and Underlying Conditions Prior to Conception.  Natural Gynecology: Treatments and Options Outside of Surgery to Address Common Conditions
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C. and Rachael Fabbi, D.C. 
 This weekend will cover Preconceptive Health and Nutrition.  How to evaluate for hormone imbalance, poor lifestyle habits, gastrointestinal conditions, autoimmune diseases and other impediments to best preconceptive health will be addressed.  Proper testing, diagnosing if necessary, restoration of health and best lifestyle plans will be taught.  Natural Gynecology:  This section of the weekend will address the wide range of options women can have within gynecology care.  Beginning with determining the appropriate time for girls to begin with a gynecology check-up, common conditions, testing and treatments available. Natural therapies including topicals, botanicals and nutrients for best usage.  

July 21-22, 2018
All About Pregnancy; The Physiological and Musculoskeletal Care of Pregnancy Symptoms. Mechanical Care During Pregnancy. Treatment Options of Manual Therapy, Taping and Fitness Throughout Pregnancy. The Entirety of Childbirth Throughout the Stages of Labor and Delivery
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C., Thomas Lotus, D.C., FACO, Cert.MDT and Bridget Davidson, R.N., CNM 
Dr. Sirchio-Lotus 8 hours. Pregnancy: The anatomy and physiology from conception thru birth.  Common symptoms and complications of pregnancy and their corresponding treatments.  Pregnancy red flags and knowing when to refer as well as referral options.  Mechanical care for pregnancy, musculoskeletal conditions, exercise and rehab will be covered.  Childbirth: the normal physiology of birth.  The various conditions that can occur during birth, and which actually changes the level of risk and perhaps method of birth.  Birthing options will be covered both regarding medical personnel as well as location options.   

August 18-19, 2018
Post-partum: The Fourth Trimester. The Physical, Emotional and Social Aspects of Recovering from Birth. Initiating Breastfeeding and Common Complications.  The Post-Birth Pelvic Floor; Evaluation of Dysfunction, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C. and Suzanne Badillo, P.T. 
Dr. Sirchio-Lotus will address the postpartum window known as The Fourth Trimester.  Post-partum expectations of healing; emotionally as well as physically.  How early chiropractic care can benefit a new mom.  Nutrition for postpartum mom that supports birth healing as well as best for breastfeeding.  The structure, function and physiology of breastfeeding.  How to help support a breastfeeding mom, the very frequent complications and what to do about them- including the misinformation given to moms that can drastically affect length of breastfeeding.  Pelvic floor physical therapist Ms. Badillo will address internal pelvic floor musculature, innervation and function.  She will address common issues that can occur during birth.  Ms. Badillo will educate best methods for evaluation, diagnosis and treatments as well as how to know the line where the best prognosis is achieved through rehab and exercises or a surgical referral.  

Sept 22-23, 2018
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Progression- Functional Movements for Recovering Mom. Baby Development Milestones and Manual Care. "Newborn and New Parent" Care, Baby & Child Nutrition Ages 0-toddler years
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C., Kim Bruno, D.C. and Tracey Eischeid, D.C. 
“Moving the Post-Partum Mother; from early rehab through strength and endurance." This weekend will address restoring pelvic floor function and maintaining pain-free fitness. It will address the causes of the most common post-partum musculoskeletal conditions; back pain, neck pain, incontinence, weakness, inability to return to fitness or function, reduced flexibility…and what to do about it all, step by step. "Caring for the Newborn & New Parent".  The early day basics regarding newborn care. Bathing, feeding, fussiness, fevers, sleeping etc. What does research and experience tell us to ease the stress on those new parents? “Baby Nutrition 0-6 months, 6 Months and Beyond, Natural Treatment for Common Childhood Conditions”. Baby nutrition needs whether breastfeeding or formula feeding will be covered.  The introduction of solids both addressing nutrients as well as what to do in today’s age of allergies, reactions and special diets.  Common conditions within the youngest population and management; chronic ear infections, constipation, rashes, stomachaches, spectrum disorders and more.   

Oct 13-14, 2018
Pain and its Relation to Pregnancy/Birth/Post-Partum: A Pain Mechanism Classification Approach
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C. and Tom Lotus, D.C., FACO, Cert.MDT 
“The Gut as a Second Brain and its Relation to Pain” and Dr. Tom Lotus “Pain Mechanism Classification Systems in the Female Patient”.  Dr. Sirchio-Lotus will cover the gut microbiome and how it can function to alter neurotransmitters, hormones, body metabolism, mood and perception of pain.  How to evaluate the gut microbiome and how it relates to pain care.   Dr. Lotus will address the Pain Mechanism Classification System (PMCS), its supporting research and how to use it for the female patient.  Using the text, “A World of Hurt” Kolski, O’Connor et. al., how to classify and treat a patient in pain as well as coordinating referrals.  Pain is a brain directed function and is present on a continuum- the proper classification of pain allows a patient to be best treated as early as possible.   While all pain is real, not all pain is the same.  

Nov 17-18, 2018
Post-partum Health Under Exacerbating Conditions: Auto-Immune Issues Post-Partum, Special Nutritional Issues, Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis, Chronic Emotional Health Complications, Athletic Performance Needs.  Returning the Postpartum Woman to Competition
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C. and Nastaran Whitson 
Dr. Sirchio-Lotus will cover general female health from the fitness/athletic perspective from childhood through menopause.  Common issues that affect various age groups as well as how tissue, joint and hormone health affect performance and recovery.  Performance diets (i.e. high protein, LCHF, intermittent fasting, carb loading etc…) will be addressed.  Ms. Whitson will cover training specifics to be utilized for each life stage and age group for optimal performance.  Life stage groups to be addressed are youth, adolescent, pregnancy, postpartum, post-menopausal.  This weekend covers both the fitness minded patient, weekend warrior and through the elite competitive athlete.  

Dec TBD 
“Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and DM2 and Cardiac Health in the Female Patient”
Gina Sirchio-Lotus, D.C. and Dr. Kim Bruno 

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