The Palmer College of Chiropractic Presidents Club is a prestigious group of donors who have a vested interest in Palmer College and its vision for the chiropractic profession. Members are a driving force in maintaining the prominence of Palmer College and are valued for their participation in making Palmer The Trusted Leader in Chiropratic Education.


Name & Location Grad Year Degree Campus
Dr. Philip A. Arnone, Arlington, VA 1990DC Davenport
Dr. Nicholas S. Askey, San Antonio, TX 2010DC Davenport
Dr. Virginia A. Barber, Rock Island, IL 1990DC Davenport
Dr. Michelle R. Barber, Davenport, IA 2000DC Davenport
Dr. Evan J. Beane, New Albany, OH 1969DC Davenport
Dr. William R. Beyer, Sun City, AZ 1957DC Davenport
Dr. Judy L. Bhatti, Bettendorf, IA 2000DC Davenport
Dr. Anita M. Bigo, Latrobe, PA 1956DC Davenport
Dr. Mark A. Bilan, Anchorage, AK 1989DC Davenport
Dr. David R. Birdsell, Moline, IL 1975DC Davenport
Dr. Melissa K. Birdsell, Moline, IL 2011DC Davenport
Dr. George A. Blackwood, Muscatine, IA 1949DC Davenport
Dr. Ronnie J. Boesch, Charlotte, IA 1991DC Davenport
Dr. Sira M. Borges, Toronto, ON 1990DC Davenport
Dr. John M. Bottorff Sr., Plymouth, IN 1955DC Davenport
Dr. Mark E. Boylan, Apopka, FL 1978DC Davenport
Dr. Jacalyn G. Buettner, San Francisco, CA 1985DC Davenport
Dr. Jeffrey E. Buller, Rochester Hills, MI 1982DC Davenport
Dr. Michael M. Burak, Huntingdon Valley, PA 1996DC Davenport
Dr. Mickey G. Burt, Walcott, IA 1973DC Davenport
Dr. Austin M. Burt, Walcott, IA 2012DC Davenport
Dr. Chad W. Burt, Walcott, IA 2001DC Davenport
Dr. Bradley S. Burt, Walcott, IA 2002DC Davenport
Dr. Steve W. Byrne, Rockford, MI 1999DC Davenport
Dr. Julie A. Carleton, Fishers, IN 2001DC Davenport
Dr. Michael S. Carter, Port Orange, FL 2005DC Port Orange
Dr. Sam Caruso, Lake Orion, MI 1989DC Davenport
Dr. Michael D. Chance, Gainesville, FL 1978DC Davenport
Dr. Dean F. Chance, Gainesville, FL 2004DC Davenport
Dr. Mark H. Chen, Ocala, FL 2006DC Port Orange
Dr. John V. Coffey, Auburn, WA 1976DC Davenport
Dr. Donna L. Craft, Ann Arbor, MI 1986DC Davenport
Dr. Abbey M. Crouse, Canton, OH 2012DC Davenport
Dr. Kevin A. Cunningham, Eldridge, IA 1988DC Davenport
Dr. George B. Curry, Windsor, CT 1982DC Davenport
Dr. Todd E. Curzie, Anchorage, AK 1995DC Davenport
Dr. Adam L. Daniels, New Haven, IN 2010DC Davenport
Dr. George D. Decker, Olathe, KS 1990DC Davenport
Dr. Fred P. Dehn, Carmichael, CA 1970DC Davenport
Dr. Heather A. Dehn, Sacramento, CA 1994DC Davenport
Dr. Carol E. Dubbs, Mount Clemens, MI 2004DC Davenport
Dr. James W. Dubel, Red Bank, NJ 1980DC Davenport
Dr. William N. DuMonthier, San Jose, CA 1979DC Davenport
Dr. Arthur J. Durham, Newport, NC 1975DC Davenport
Dr. Leigh A. Elceser, Pontiac, MI 1994DC Davenport
Dr. Carlton T. Exum, New Smyrna, FL 1976DC Davenport
Dr. Frank S. Farkas, Saint Petersburg, FL 1979DC Davenport
Dr. Patricia A. Felder, Georgetown, TX 1982DC Davenport
Dr. Lynn M. Florian, Park City, IL 1986DC Davenport
Dr. Glenda E. Foy, Aledo, IL 1975DC Davenport
Dr. Marc A. Fritz, Garner, IA 2007DC Davenport
Dr. Curt A. Frogley, New Bern, NC 1993DC Davenport
Dr. Jeffrey P. Gehlsen, Freeport, IL 1985DC Davenport
Dr. Ron Geiger, Granite Bay, CA 1986DC San Jose
Dr. Craig E. Gilbaugh, Ashland, WI 1983DC Davenport
Dr. Harley D. Gilthvedt, Auburn, WA 1966DC Davenport
Dr. Vicki S. Gilthvedt, Auburn, WA 1980DC Davenport
Dr. Frank E. Gingras Jr., Deland, FL 1975DC Davenport
Dr. J. R. Glisson, Eustis, FL 1986DC Davenport
Dr. Merlyn A. Green, Salinas, CA 1981DC San Jose
Dr. Andrea G. Haan, Eldridge, IA 2006DC Davenport
Dr. Michael J. Hahn, Bettendorf, IA 1990DC Davenport
Dr. Todd A. Hamilton, Lancaster, OH 1998DC Davenport
Dr. Eric R. Hartman, Jenison, MI 2002DC Davenport
Dr. Kevin G. Hearon, Boise, ID 1977DC Davenport
Dr. Nathan A. Hinkeldey, Johnston, IA 2011DC Davenport
Dr. W David Hoff, Indiana, PA 1985DC Davenport
Dr. Mark W. Houk, Spokane, WA 1980DC Davenport
Dr. Paula Houser, Gastonia, NC 2012DC Port Orange
Dr. Trevor V. Ireland, Anchorage, AK 1970DC Davenport
Dr. Renee M. Jacquette, Mukwonago, WI 1990DC Davenport
Dr. Michael V. James, Kamloops, BC 1975DC Davenport
Dr. Gregory A. Jones, Kutztown, PA 1975DC Davenport
Dr. Randal G. Jones, Castroville, CA 1981DC Davenport
Dr. Molly Jones, Castroville, CA 1981DC Davenport
Dr. Gregory T. Jones, Aptos, CA 2011DC San Jose
Dr. Robert H. Kauffman, Merrillville, IN 1988DC Davenport
Dr. Charles J. Keller, Valhalla, NY 1955DC Davenport
Dr. Donald Kern, Davenport, IA 1958DC Davenport
Dr. Lisa Killinger, Davenport, IA 1983DC Davenport
Dr. Christopher J. Klaes, Seymour, IN 1980DC Davenport
Dr. Jeffrey P. Krabbe, Port Orange, FL 2001DC Davenport
Dr. Elizabeth C. Kressin, Spencer, IA 1986DC Davenport
Dr. Richard J. LaBarbera, Boones Mill, VA 1984DC Davenport
Dr. Edward J. Leonard, Tampa, FL 2006DC Port Orange
Dr. Paul E. Liechty, Mesquite, TX 1976DC Davenport
Dr. Anna Livdans-Forret, Davenport, IA 1983DC Davenport
Dr. John D. Lockenour, Port Orange, FL 2005DC Davenport
Dr. Joyce A. London, Greenville, MI 1970DC Davenport
Dr. Milton D. Lynes, Portage, MI 1996DC Davenport
Dr. Carol A. Malcheff, Hillsdale, MI 1970DC Davenport
Dr. Timothy M. Malcheff, Jonesville, MI 1984DC Davenport
Dr. Katie L. Malley, Gainesville, FL 2012DC Port Orange
Dr. Dennis M. Marchiori, Bettendorf, IA 1992DC Davenport
Dr. Elizabeth A. Martin, Huntington, WV 1985DC Davenport
Dr. Peter A. Martin, Port Orange, FL 1968DC Davenport
Dr. Charlotte Matityahu, Woodside, CA 1993DC San Jose
Dr. Sherry D. McAllister, San Jose, CA 1996DC San Jose
Dr. Barry L. McAlpine, Holland, MI 1971DC Davenport
Dr. Brad J. McAlpine, Hudsonville, MI 2014DC Davenport
Dr. Ann M. McAlpine, Holland, MI 2013DC Davenport
Dr. Randy W. McCall, Reynoldsville, PA 1977DC Davenport
Dr. Mark E. McCullough, Battle Creek, MI 1999DC Davenport
Dr. Ian D. McLean, Le Claire, IA 1979DC Davenport
Dr. Gary R. McLeod, Three Rivers, MI 1981DC Davenport
Dr. Brent R. McNabb, Madison, WI 1980DC Davenport
Dr. William C. Meeker, San Jose, CA 1982DC San Jose
Dr. Daniel R. Miller, Bangor, MI 1998DC Davenport
Dr. Debbie M. Miller Hamilton, Lancaster, OH 1998DC Davenport
Dr. Michael A. Mills, Kittanning, PA 2001DC Davenport
Dr. Thomas Milus, San Jose, CA 1982DC Davenport
Dr. Abel Montoro Murcia, Miami, FL 2012DC Davenport
Dr. William J. Moreau, Colorado Springs, CO 1981DC Davenport
Dr. William E. Morgan, Ijamsville, MD 1985DC San Jose
Dr. Wesley S. Mullen Jr., Mountain Top, PA 1972DC Davenport
Dr. Carson C. Muth, Grand Forks, ND 2008DC Davenport
Dr. Natalie N. Muth, Grand Forks, ND 2008DC Davenport
Dr. John A. Pairmore, Anchorage, AK 2002DC Davenport
Dr. Edward A. Pappagallo, Port Orange, FL 1985DC Davenport
Dr. Kevin W. Paustian, Durant, IA 1984DC Davenport
Dr. Dennis Paustian, Torrance, CA 1975DC Davenport
Dr. Robert F. Pelham, Glasgow, KY 1975DC Davenport
Dr. Robert E. Percuoco, Long Grove, IA 1983DC Davenport
Dr. Thomas S. Perrault, Methuen, MA 1962DC Davenport
Dr. Rolf E. Peters, Australia1958DC Davenport
Dr. Paul S. Peterson, Carmichael, CA 1967DC Davenport
Dr. Douglas G. Pfeiffer, Pennsburg, PA 1985DC Davenport
Dr. George R. Phillips, Casper, WY 1972DC Davenport
Dr. Amber A. Plante, Ocala, FL 2005DC Port Orange
Dr. William M. Pollack Jr., Deerfield, IL 1976DC Davenport
Dr. Charles R. Price, Brooksville, FL 1975DC Davenport
Dr. Craig A. Pruitt, Middletown, RI 1999DC Davenport
Dr. Richard C. Ratliff, Pueblo, CO 1979DC Davenport
Dr. Brian D. Reilly, Hot Springs, AR 1982DC Davenport
Dr. Edward L. Requet, Eden Prairie, MN 1993DC Davenport
Dr. Thomas A. Rexroth, West Burlington, IA 1970DC Davenport
Dr. Ronald J. Rolley Jr., Saint Marys, PA 2000DC Davenport
Dr. Ross S. Royster, Madison, WI 1980DC Davenport
Dr. Steven C. Saro, Dracut, MA 1988DC Davenport
Dr. Gary W. Schaaf, Attica, OH 1991DC Davenport
Dr. Carolyn A. Schaaf, Attica, OH 1961DC Davenport
Dr. Gilbert O. Schmiedel, Bettendorf, IA 1959DC Davenport
Dr. Keith G. Scott, Severna Park, MD 1988DC Davenport
Dr. Jeannette M. Sherwood, Maple Valley, WA 1959DC Davenport
Dr. Steven B. Simmons, Midland, MI 1999DC Davenport
Dr. Charles L. Simpson, Ocala, FL 1999DC Davenport
Dr. Stanley J. Sims, Jackson, MS 1999DC Davenport
Dr. Willard M. Smith, Rock Island, IL 1960DC Davenport
Dr. Desmond J. Smith, Cape Coral, FL 1972DC Davenport
Dr. Mathew Snider Jr., Sunnyvale, CA 1990DC San Jose
Dr. Gregory J. Snow, San Jose, CA 1990DC San Jose
Dr. William D. Spontak, Monroe, WI 1990DC Davenport
Dr. Lewis G. Squires, Scottville, MI 1974DC Davenport
Dr. David R. Stalheim, Marinette, WI 1996DC Davenport
Dr. Troy D. Stark, Rock Island, IL 2010DC Davenport
Dr. John S. Stites, Moline, IL 1979DC Davenport
Dr. Fred L. Stoner, Las Vegas, NV 1965DC Davenport
Dr. Victor G. Strang, Davenport, IA 1977DC Davenport
Dr. Kari L. Swain, Altoona, IA 1995DC Davenport
Dr. Larry L. Swank, Davenport, IA 1976DC Davenport
Dr. Roy W. Sweat, Atlanta, GA 1950DC Davenport
Dr. Lora L. Tanis, Warwick, NY 1989DC Davenport
Dr. Troy L. Tatum, Port Orange, FL 1974DC Davenport
Dr. Jacob A. Tazzi, Albion, MI 2012DC Davenport
Dr. Alwin B. Toensing, Tucson, AZ 1956DC Davenport
Dr. Stephen T. Tranter, Georgetown, TX 1982DC Davenport
Dr. Bruce R. Turino, Ishpeming, MI 1978DC Davenport
Dr. Johann Van Beest, Arlington, TX 1985DC Davenport
Dr. Lance E. Vanderloo, Waterloo, IA 1974DC Davenport
Dr. Paul D. VanDuyne, Rapids City, IL 1978DC Davenport
Dr. Donna VanDuyne, Rapids City, IL 1978DC Davenport
Dr. Timothy F. Voll, Highland Park, IL 1990DC Davenport
Dr. Richard W. Walker, Fayetteville, NC 1987DC Davenport
Dr. Harry L. Wallace, Moline, IL 1969DC Davenport
Dr. Timothy W. Warren, North Kingstown, RI 1986DC Davenport
Dr. Frank E. Warren III, Zeeland, MI 1979DC Davenport
Dr. Mary E. Watkins, Gainesville, GA 1985DC Davenport
Dr. Daniel J. Weinert, Davenport, IA 1996DC Davenport
Dr. J. C. Wenger, Lancaster, PA 1956DC Davenport
Dr. David R. West, Gainesville, FL 2000DC Davenport
Dr. Tonya A. Westerbeke, Zeeland, MI 2004DC Davenport
Dr. Ronald W. Woods, Greensburg, IN 1968DC Davenport
Dr. H Robert Woolley, Winona, MN 1972DC Davenport
Dr. Yukinobu Yasui, Japan1994DC Davenport

Friends of Palmer

Name & Location
Ms. Lisa Bilodeau, Petaluma, CA
Mrs. Karla Burt, Walcott, IA
Mr. Duncan J. Cameron, Bettendorf, IA
Dr. Bob R. Carlson, Clinton, IA
Mrs. Martha Dehn, Carmichael, CA
Dr. J. D. Dishman, Port Orange, FL
Dr. Kenneth J. Dougherty, New Smyrna, FL
Doctors Bradley and Shannon Eyford, Tacoma, WA
Mr. Kent M. Forney, Des Moines, IA
Mrs. Keren Forno, Covina, CA
Dr. Peter D. Fysh, San Jose, CA
Mrs. Viola Gilthvedt, Auburn, WA
Dr. Christine Goertz, Davenport, IA
Dr. Maruti R. Gudavalli, Davenport, IA
Mrs. Eva E. Hammond, Davenport, IA
Ms. Marsha Hardacre, Davenport, IA
Dr. Susan Hatfield PhD, Winona, MN
Ms. Cheryl Haven, Auburn, WA
Ms. Penny Hoker, Davenport, IA
Mr. Jeff Hoker, Dixon, IA
Mrs. Earlye A. Julien, Davenport, IA
Mr. Kenneth R. Koupal, Davenport, IA
Dr. Peter B. Laliberte, Rome, ME
Ms. Donna Laliberte, Winslow, ME
Mr. Robert D. Lambert, Bettendorf, IA
Dr. Dana Lawrence, Davenport, IA
Ms. Mindy Leahy, Davenport, IA
Mr. Robert E. Lee, Bettendorf, IA
Ms. Rebecca J. Malcheff, Davenport, IA
Dr. John Mastrobattisto, Madison, CT
Dr. Julie Mayer-Hunt, Clearwater, FL
Mr. George P. McAndrews, Chicago, IL
Mrs. Leann R. McDonald, Colona, IL
Ms. Mary P. Meyer, Sleepy Hollow , NY
Dr. Ronald A. Mulder, Holland, MI
Ms. Vickie A. Palmer, Princeton, IA
Mr. Steven Powell, Bettendorf, IA
Mr. Donald E. Pruter, Princeton, IA
Mrs. Rowena Rich, Clearfield, PA
Dr. Tad M. Roediger, Chardon, OH
Mrs. Susan Schofield, Glendale, AZ
Dr. Douglas Sea, Sioux Falls, SD
Ms. Lorraine A. Shouldis, Park Ridge, IL
Dr. Thomas Souza, San Jose, CA
Mrs. Cathy Sovinsky, Tahoe City, CA
Mrs. Marion E. Staples, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Ms. Chabha H. Tepe, Davenport, IA
Dr. Cecile Thackeray, Ajax, ON
Mr. Thomas L. Tiemeier, Bettendorf, IA
Mr. Scott Tonnesen, San Jose, CA
Ms. Alexis VanderHorn, Bettendorf, IA
Dr. Denise Vuich, Clearwater, FL
Ms. Michelle Walker, Davenport, IA
Doctors Jason and Danella Whittaker, Winnipeg, MB


Name & Location Representative
Performance Health Biofreeze, Carrollton, TX Dr. Dana Mackison
Academy of General Practice Chiropratic, Hazlet, NJ Dr. Frank V. Zaccaria
Florida Chiropractic Foundation for Education, New Smyrna, FL Dr. Kenneth Doughtery
Motion Palpation Institute - Ohio, Cincinnati, OH Dr. Mark King
Envive, Sioux Falls, SD Dr. Nathan Unruh
R. W. Sweat Foundation, Inc., Roswell, GA Dr. Roy Sweat
Standard Process Inc., Palmyra, WI Mr. Charles DuBois
R-Five, Inc., Long Grove, IA Mr. Dale Grunwald
Tri-City Electric Company of Iowa, Davenport, IA Mr. Doug Palmer
Commercial Construction, Inc., Daytona Beach, FL Mr. Gary Roberts
Scholtz-Gowey-Gere-Marolf, Architects & Interior Designers, Davenport, IA Mr. Greg Gowey
Quad City Bank & Trust, Davenport, IA Mr. John Anderson
US Bancorp Foundation, Davenport, IA Mr. Kenneth Koupal
Foot Levelers Inc., Roanoke, VA Mr. Kent Greenawalt
Estes Construction, Davenport, IA Mr. Kent Pilcher
Per Mar Security Services, Davenport, IA Mr. Michael Duffy
Ryan & Associates, Davenport, IA Mr. Perry Hintze
Aramark Corporation Business & Dining, Moline, IL Mr. Randy Adams
Bechtel Trusts & Foundation, Davenport, IA Mr. Richard Bittner
Aramark, Saint Augustine, FL Mr. Tim Rae
Immordino Charitable Foundation, Henderson, NV Mr. Vince Immordino
Ruhl & Ruhl Realtors Inc. , Davenport, IA Ms. Caroline Ruhl
Florida Chiropractic Association, Oakland, FL Ms. Debra Minor Brown