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Please visit the " To Exhibit" section of the website if you would like more information on how to exhibit at a Palmer College Homecoming.

Main campus

2018 Exhibitors

Phone: 210-202-8779
Web site: www.airrosti.com

Ancient Nutrition
Phone: 920-901-6148
Web site: www.ancientnutrition.com

Apex Longevity
Phone: 877-712-2739
Web site: www.apexlongevity.com

Phone: 888-707-7010
Web site: www.biokinemetrics.com

Blair Upper Cervical Club PCC

Phone: 858-888-7548
Web site: www.chiromatrix.com

ChiroPreferred by MedPro Group
Phone: 260-486-0334
Web site: www.medpro.com

Phone: 563-505-9372
Web site: www.chirospring.com

Phone: 619-528-0040
Web site: www.chirotouch.com

David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library
Phone: 563-884-5465
Web site: www.library.palmer.edu

Doctor Multimedia
Phone: 800-679-3309
Web site: www.doctormultimedia.com

Foot Levelers, Inc.
Phone: 540-345-0008
Web site: www.footlevelers.com

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
Phone: 866-901-3427
Web site: www.f4cp.org

International Chiropractors Association
Phone: 571-765-7562
Web site: www.chiropractic.org

Juice Plus+
Web site: www.marilynl.juiceplus.com

KT Tape
Phone: 801-616-3000
Web site: www.kttape.com

Phone: 206-357-6510
Web site: www.myovision.com

NCMIC Insurance Group
Phone: 515-313-4738
Web site: www.ncmic.com

Phone: 616-717-0789
Web site: www.neorelief.com

NewULife/HGH Gel
Phone: 814-592-0030
Web site: www.newulife.com/casteelchiro

Phone: 800-444-9998
Web site: www.nutridyn.com

Ortho Molecular Products
Phone: 815-206-6586
Web site: www.orthomolecularproducts.com

Parker Laboratories
Phone: 973-276-9500
Web site: www.parkerlabs.com

Performance Health
Phone: 724-787-2554
Web Site: www.performancehealth.com

Phone: 888-237-3668
Web Site: www.powerstep.com

Prestige Products Direct
Phone: 305-324-8081
Web Site: www.triadaer.com

R-Five, Inc.
Phone: 563-285-5271
Web Site: 

Rapid Release Technology
Phone: 949-870-2692
Web Site: www.rapidreleasetech.com

Phone: 309-258-1038
Web Site: www.scriphessco.com

Standard Process, Inc.
Phone: 262-495-6401
Web site: www.standardprocess.com

TPK, Inc.
Phone: 952-442-5022
Web site: www.tpkgolf.com


West campus

2018 Exhibitors

Airrosti Rehab Centers
Phone: 210-202-8779
Website: www.airrosti.com

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
Phone: 866-901-3427
Website: www.f4cp.com

KT Tape
Phone: 801-616-3000
Website: www.kttape.com

NCMIC Insurance Group
Phone: 515-313-4738
Website: www.ncmic.com

Nordic Walking Nations
Phone: 916-765-4119
Website: www.nordicwalkingnations.net

Performance Health
Phone: 724-787-2554
Website: www.performancehealth.com

Prime My Body - Independent Affiliate
Phone: 970-622-0075
Web site: www.drpaige.primemybody.com

Standard Process, Inc.
Phone: 262-495-6401
Web site: www.standardprocess.com

ZHealth EHR
Phone: 415-215-9743
Web site: www.zhealthehr.com

Florida campus

2019 Exhibitors

ChiroPreferred by MedPro Group
Phone: 260-486-0334
Web site: www.medpro.com

Foot Leveler’s, Inc.
Phone: 540-345-0008
Web site: www.footlevelers.com

NCMIC Insurance Company
Phone: 800-321-7015
Web site: www.ncmic.com

Performance Health/Biofreeze and Theraband
Phone: 800-246-3733
Web site: www.performancehealth.com

Standard Process Inc.
Phone: 262-495-6378
Web site: www.standardprocess.com


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