Dr. Frank Sovinsky, co-author of The E-Myth Chiropractor, presents valuable tips for effective patient communication. Available anytime! This online video series includes four topics. They are listed below with a brief synopsis. Visit the Center for Business Development to view these videos, or to get the login information to view at home.

First Contact/Consultation

This module teaches you how to interview a new patient. Patient-Centered Plus Care gathers people information so that you can relate your findings in the context of the patient’s goals. (25 min)

Relating Your Findings

The goal of this module is to teach you how to provide the patient with an understanding of all the clinical findings and how it relates to their health challenges. (33 min)

Day to Day Communication

This module underscores the importance of delivering a consistent service experience including patient dialogues that are life impacting adjustments, not routine office visits. (35 min)

Interim Exams

This module teaches the importance of interim exam protocols and reports. Interim exams are the extensions of your promise to deliver impeccable care. The second function of interim exams is to provide you with vital feedback as to how your patients perceive their service experiences in your business. (39 min)