Starting into Practice

Date: April 27 in Davenport, July 24 in San Jose

When looking at your career options, the more perspectives you can get, the more informed your decision will be. NCMIC has helped thousands of chiropractors choose their career path, search for jobs, develop their business plan, market themselves and choose the best location. 'Starting into Practice' was one of the first non-biased chiropractic business lectures available to students. Come find out why it's also still one of the best. A seasoned D.C., Dr. Braxton Pulley will share how to begin, build and manage your career effectively. Let the professionals share with you what you should do before you make decisions about what comes next, and what you should do to keep yourself on the right track.

Main Campus
Saturday, April 27
8 am - Noon. / Business Center classroom
Dinner provided with advanced RSVP using Palmer CareerNetwork

West Campus
Wednesday, July 24
4:30-8:30 p.m. 
Dinner provided with advanced RSVP using Palmer CareerNetwork

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